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Someone has been nice enough to upload each one to 1d4chan. However, you can find the Collected Visions and bonus content of each one by sifting through Foolz.

That story sounds like the first game, Pimps in Space. Look for Deffwotch, Squat Crusade: The Musical, and Exelion: Anarchy Reigns as well on 1d4chan.


If everything goes well, I should finish up sometime middle of next week. For now, shovel snow then Toonami with /co/.

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"I bet this place still has the new station smell," says Zaill.
"Ugh. Shoddy construction," says Kais with shock, "I'd have the workers whipped, poisoned and hold the antidote for ransom."
"It's not yet complete. Of course there will be holes. These things don't just grow themselves," says Spacewind.
Zaill climbs out of the pilot seat, activating his equipment and checking his weapon. "Let's see how much we can make a mess of this situation," he quietly mutters.

The floor and walls are a crisp white, and the place is VERY well-lit.

"A neutral, diplomatic color scheme, well suited to Ethereals," says Spacewind.
"Bah, this place is as aesthetically pleasing as a bowl of gruel," replies Zaill.
"I know," says Spacewind.

Kais walks over to a set of portals and a terminal. Of Tau make, Kais's systems interface perfectly, and there is little need to jury rig things like the Gue'la cogitators. However, it is asking for a password.

"What would you bet the password is 'swordfish'?" asks Zaill.
"Hey Spacewind, security systems are your forte yeah? Get to it," Kais requests.
"Alright, just get off that port so I can interface," says Spacewind.

"Swordfish..." ACCESS DENIED. (Rolled: 100)

"I swear anything I typed, autocorrects," Spacewind stammers, "You sure this thing was bug-tested before they handed it to me?"

"Pass the multikey here. I'll have a crack," says Kais confidently.

"SwordFish..." ACCESS DENIED. (Rolled: 100)

Zaill often wonders if his assignment to work with these two was some kind of punishment. Kais, angry, follows this up with a series of hacking tools (Rolled: 3), and the Detachment finally breaks the code - "Strong Arm." The doors hiss open, into bright white halls.

"Cruddy coding. Obviously some sort of defaulting debug override," coughs Kais awkwardly.

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Space Station horror


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I like having Elves know for their advanced magic, an Humans known for their advanced Technology. Or in a fantasy game, the humans have access to advanced psionics or shadow magic. every race can utilize another's specialty, but never as good as a dedicated wizard/scientist/psion/whatever of the parent race.

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OP please report back soon. I am sickly fascinated.

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Somehow this didn't occur to me immediately. So I laughed.

Thanks anon. Have some kittens.

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Greetings /tg/. I've been lurking here on & off for some time and i was wondering. Is there anywhere i could observe for example a D&D game. Like on IRC or something. Thanks in advance

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Oh god, I wanna beat MineSweeper expert soo baaadd but i don't wanna click anything
helpy? plesse

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'Eadmangla and Grakgut escort the Planetary Governor up to his command center, while the rest of the Kill Team head to the Arbiter Grounds, now a pool of giblets to rival the militia giblets.
"Stay klose." says 'Eadmangla.
"Right, Astartes." says the Governor. He reaches a terminal and begins punching information. He appears to be rallying the Guard.
However, 'Eadmanga and Grakgut notice something - something important enough to call over the rest of the Kill Team.

A blue light.

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oh u

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It's GM appreciation month! Let's talk about awesome things our GMs have done.

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