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Now why do you think that?

Seriously, anon, could you cease being so overly suspicious and paranoid. It's unbecoming of you.

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This form is what the Necrontyr considered divine and awe inspiring.

Notice how human it is. No spines and no wretchedness. Is this what the Necrontyr looked like or it is what they desired to be?

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The Necron Gods give us the closest look at what the Necrontyr thought was awe inspiring or perfection.

Indeed, the Deceiver was the most attractive of the C'tan drawing the most followers. He looked like a humanoid male triumphing in his masculinity!

If the Necrontyr had goddesses why wouldn't they embody femininity in opposite to the Deceiver's and the Nightbringer's masculinity? Instead of steely abs, THEY WILL HAVE GLORIOUS METAL BOOBS!

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He steadied himself as he picked himself up off the ground. How long had he been asleep? The word had strained him so much. It wasn't right for a... a... whatever... to suffer such indignity, to be so limited.

Such power at his fingertips. Swarms of...something...ripping apart...

More holes in his memory. That wasn't important right now. There were more important things he was forgetting.

This place... he suspected it sucked at his mind. He couldn't remember if he had forgotten anything since entering, but that's exactly what he would think if he had. He thought.

What was the word? That word that seemed so important, that word that told him what he was, or at least what he had been.

So much larger... he was but a piece of his former self... a fraction... a fragment... a sha-


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Politely requesting a picture The Deciver, sitting on a metallic throne placed in a Command Room on a Necron ship. He may or may not be smiling.

Weather or not it's a Newcron or an Oldcron ship I leave up to the Drawfriend.

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Mmm....did someone say Metal men?

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The Deceiver.

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>Malys did not take it well. Flying into a violent rage, she and her most favoured followers left Commorragh and struck out on their own into the webway. Her self-imposed exile had unforeseen consequences. In the depths of the labyrinth dimension, Lady Malys came across a scintillating being of pure light. Though it banished her followers with a single gesture, the half-real creature engaged Malys in a contest of wills – a contest in which the loser’s own heart would be forfeit. To their mutual surprise, Malys held her own against this celestial trickster’s incessant riddling, and incredibly she eventually emerged triumphant. The being vanished with a chuckle, leaving in its place a strange blade that moved of its own accord, and its heart – a fist-sized lump of crystal pulsing with light. Half-crazed by her ordeal and determined to get her revenge upon Vect no matter the cost, Malys seized the strange blade, cut out her own heart and replaced it with that of her enigmatic foe. Her flesh fused around it until no blemish could be seen. The crystal heart beats there still.
- Codex: Dark Eldar

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I'd say the Chaos Gods are more godlike than the C'tan. Which is something I actually liked about the star-gods; I always saw them more as incredibly powerful beings who set themselves up as divine, but were really just glorified energy parasites who happened to develop personalities thanks to the Necrontyr's meddling. Of course, from here you can get into the whole debate on the exact definition of a god, but whatever.

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I imagine Szarekh would have a great gaping crater leaking oily fluid between his living metal buttocks, where the Deceiver penetrated him.

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I think these are all of the Deceiver's antics in pre-5th edition fluff, excluding the War in Heaven stuff:

- Disguised itself as Magos Prime Reston Egal and led an Adeptus Mechanicus expedition into its own tomb on Naogeddon. Was eventually uncovered by Adept Lakius Danzager. After flaunting its power briefly, was frozen in a stasis field.
- Returned to Mars from Naogeddon, under its disguise of Reston Egal, and called for the destruction and sealing of the Noctis Labyrinthus.
- Disguised itself as Planetary Governor Takis, and over the course of five years withheld tithes and provided sanctuary for condemned heretics to test how corrupt the Imperium would allow one of its servants to become. A Callidus Assassin was sent to eliminate the governor, prompting him to reveal his true form.
- Over the course of millennia gathered followers within the Adeptus Mechanicus and used them to find humans suitable for conversion into Pariahs.

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And had fabulous abs.

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The term "empire of destruction" was used (though it must be said, ONCE) in the old codex's account of the War in Heaven, although it wasn't really an empire - at least, not like the kind Newcrons are trying to recreate. Just giant cosmic dicks wiping out planets, stars and systems, raising up cities and knocking them down, and forcing the terrified people of the galaxy onto their knees in supplication even as they were harvested by the cursed Necrons.

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Personally, I think the Sharding was part of the Deceiver's plan. Only he could cloud the vision of his brethren from the Necron impending betrayal.

The question is why would he do that?

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The C'tan metal bodies were modeled after Necrontyr Gods.

So they're the closest thing to what the Necrontyr looked like.

The Deceiver should look like a perfect idolized and healthy Necrontyr.

The Nightbringer should look like a sickly corpse-like Necrontyr (What most the Necrontyr looked like.

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Nothing changed about the Necrons, save the leadership.

Now the silent harbingers of doom are lead by their own grim and insane leaders instead of the useless C'tan.

Are you a fan of the C'tan, dude? Are you gay for them? Because you sound like you want to suck their big metallic dicks!

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Cypher was kidnapped by the Deceiver and remains missing to this day.

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They're irreparable.

Before, in 3rd edition, they the ultimate doom of life in the galaxy; their goal was to feed the entirety of the living to their star gods, and then perhaps fall asleep. There were agents of the C'Tan infesting every aspect of the Imperium. They sowed the Pariah Gene as a counter to their archnemeses, the psykers. They were entirely prepared to split the warp from the material world, and they were fully sufficient without using warp-travel.

Now, in the process of characterizing them, they've become yet another user of the webway, and they want to rebuild their empire despite their current state. The C'Tan are long-dead. Pariahs are no longer a thing. The anti-warp pylons never existed. Instead they have shitty generic technobabble weapon names now which obviously somehow means they're really high-tech.

The problem is they never should have been an army to begin with. They should've been a faction that was present in the background, and slowly waking up by the 999.M41 singularity. Their original concept was not a good one for balancing and playing but it would've been an excellent antagonist-force in BL books.

But nope, they had to become a playable faction. And their whiny playerbase HAD to bitch that they had too little characterization.

They're broken and there's no way to fix it.

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>C'tan metal forms are modeled after Necrontyr Gods
>mfw the Necrontyr looked like humans or worshiped human like deities.

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Or perhaps some other power that might have something to gain from the existence of the Culexus.

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>Of all the so-called star-gods, the C’tan in the ancient Necrontyr scripts, Yngir to the Eldar, the one known as the Deceiver was the most insidious and capricious. The little that can be gleaned indicates that even the Necrontyr knew few truths about this entity when they first discovered it and spoke the aeons-long words its dissipate form could notice. Its manifestation is also said to have been a time of great rejoicing among the Necrontyr – they were awe-struck by its fluid transition to an earthly form among them and the ease with which it adapted to the realm of matter. They first named it Mephet’ran, the Messenger, and believed it was a bridge to mediate between themselves and the other star-gods.

>As the C’tan began to gather followers and devotees, the messenger soon outstripped all others. The star-gods seemed too remote and awe-inspiring for many Necrontyr, but Mephet’ran communed in ways they understood. Perhaps this was because it was never as powerful as the other C’tan, and used guile and skill to secure its future. There are indications that many gave themselves willingly to become its slaves but the messenger sent them to serve other gods, perhaps fearful of the jealousy it would provoke if its power waxed too strong. Certainly the messenger stoked the fires of hatred which the Necrontyr felt towards the Old Ones, drawing them towards a war which would burn the galaxy to cinders.
- Codex: Necrons 3rd edition, p. 30

>When the C’tan abandoned their last great work and instead withdrew to the safety of their tomb-worlds in the face of impending apocalypse, the Deceiver was the last to go. Now that the long sought for conditions for the re-emergence of the terrible majesty of the star-born have arrived, Mephet’ran has been the first to emerge.
- Codex: Necrons 3rd edition, p. 31

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The codex does say there are rogue Shards out there.

>you are now imagining a team of Deceiver Shards gangraping a Callidus

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I prefer Proactive Tzeentch myself.

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