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The SSD is, what, silhouette 9 or something?

I'd say it likely could enter atmo, it just ain't getting back out.

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Speaking of, anyone have the scan for Jewel? I think that's the only one I don't have so far.

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> Anakin turns to the Dark Side because he had a vision of his wife dying and needed Sith special techniques to save her instead of the space age medical technology he has
Such a vision suggests that 'space age medical technology' wouldn't help much
> The Republic just taking an army of brainwashed soldiers created by a mercenary company cloned from a known servant of the Sith and ordered under suspect circumstances just 'cause
An army of ready-made soldiers geared to fight a rebellion that's threatening to tear the Republic apart
> Every Jedi in the Republic being unable to spot an oncoming betrayal that literally everyone around them is in on
the dark side is VERY capable of clouding the future and the clones had no malice in their actions
> The Confederacy being a cartoon led by a lizard in a robot costume
you lost me
> Count Dooku
What about him?
> Episode I barely having anything to do with the rest of the series
Starting point to establish characters
> Darth Maul
Awesome, wasn't he?
> The Clone Wars being a pointless fight between robots and faceless clones
what was pointless about it?
> Anakin built C-3PO
admittedly, that was just fanservice
> Jar Jar
A bit amusing and spoke once outside of the first movie

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We'll bang okay?

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This thread is great.

The only issue is that threads like this always make me equally curious and fearful of the extended universe.

I've only ever dipped my toe in now and then over the years with mixed results.

Sounds like a lot of good concepts often executed badly.

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Jesus Christ... My last Star Wars game.
I inform the players months in advance, I want to run a Star Wars game next. I want you all to make Imperial PCs, a special operations group tasked with hunting down rebel terror cells. Think Imperial CTU. Everyone is cool with it and I go ahead and do the prep work for the campaign. The session before we start everyone turns in their characters, here's what I get:
1. A human ISB operations and field investigations officer. She's very goal oriented and can be a ice cold bitch. Awesome.
2. A Human Imperial Army Explosive Ordinance tech. Career Army, and handy since the Rebels they were chasing were responsible for several bombings.
3. Zabrak Imperial Scout trooper/Sniper. He volunteered for the Imperial armed forces after his sister was murdered by anti-Imperial extremists after she supported the Empire's annexing of their world. That works.
4. Verpine Imperial Intelligence R&D agent. A preternaturally gifted slicer, He was drafted into Imperial Intelligence's Research and Development branch despite their anti-alien bias, which he chooses to ignore in order to get his hands on what new tech a near limitless budget can buy. Good.
5. Disgraced Dashade Shockboxer. He was drummed out of professional Shockboxing for refusing to take dive. Now sells himself out as hired muscle. He was the teams link into the underworld.
All great characters, I was feeling good they had made a group of characters that would work great for the plot I had worked up, I could even work some of their back stories in to the plot.
But then.... I get handed the final fucking PC.
6. Dawg the Space Bounty Hunter. I'm not even fucking kidding. Not just a bounty hunter, I could've worked with that. He wanted his character to have a famous holonet show and be followed by a TV crew operating cameras 24/7. But it was cool because on the ship he would have a bay where they edit and upload his footage

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Will the spaceships of the futere be controlled by the airforce or the navy. Currently in the U.S the USAF the Navy both do space stuff.

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The biggest problem of the Imperium of Man is that it can only produce few, rather low-tech ships. On the other hand, their ground troops should dominate those of the Empire. A star destroyer's stormtroopers could easily be defeated by a Guard regiment that is not out of supplies or starved to death, and a marine company should be able to hack their way through without any problems. For this reason, rushing in to board would be a viable strategy, especially since Star Wars ships are rather slow outside of hyperspace. If the AdMech does not fuck up as usual, they should be able to reproduce the tech, allowing the constuction of far superior ships that would help win the other wars.
Assuming that the ships weapon strength is comparable, which seems reasonable considering both the Eclipse and Imperial battleships can destroy all life on a planet with one shot, and that SW shields do not affect the Imperial artillery since they only protect against energy weaponry, but taking the lower Imperial tech in account, a battle between a Star Destroyer and a Cruiser should be about even if we regard only raw power.
The Empire would most likely use small, quick fleets to attack the Imperial supply lines, getting most out of their hyperspace advantage, while the Imperium should try to use boarding parties and planetary invasions as every ship lost is a heavy blow.
Should the Imperium take the Kuat shipyards, they have essentially won.

Seems pretty even to me.

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Speaking of though, I'm considering to add Edge of the Empire to my collection either way when it is released. Anyone here have any experience with the beginners kit they released this winter and if it looks promising or not?

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What is this? The Left attacks!

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Fire mission complete, Minor rebel stronghold on planet DK-3984 dash Eight eliminated.

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Agreed, plus we cant sign one on our races behalf. If we survived its highly likely that other ships in the same situation exist as well.

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Alrighty then, a friend of mine is in the process of organizing a gaming group and the general consensus is that they want to play a Star Wars campaign first. While I might be able to steer then towards a RT campaign later on, that'll be something for later.

My only issue is that, while I am familiar with the setting, I know fuck-all about the rules except what I saw in KotOR. Is this a pretty good indication of what to expect, or will it be something very different from that?

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Victory-classes aren't that bad, really, they're just pretty old. They're literally one step up from the old Acclamators from the Clone Wars. That said, this is the Outer Rim, so although there are plenty of pirates, you SHOULD be able to take them, since they probably aren't set up that well for taking on THE MIGHT OF THE EMPIRE!

Please come back and tell us stories of this game if it goes well, OP. This is pretty cool in my book.

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how is this /tg/ related? If you want to talk about interesting places of the galaxy, go to /inp/, if you want to discuss politics or how jawas secretly rule the imperium, go to /pol/. Starfighter tech goes to /g/.

Damn neckbeards. I bet none of you have seen a starfighter in real life, seeing as you spend all your parsecs in holonet.

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pity about the Data. Nice buggy though.

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