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>Full Marine battle company
>Full GK Brotherhood
>Full Purifier Order
>BFG chapter fleet
>Mess of assorted tanks
I can give thanks that I haven't gotten in my Nids, I suppose, but me and this section of Europe are done for.

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Assuming that there are no major changes done to astra militarum, what kind of long-range firepower would complement a melee-focused Inquisition army?

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Yes, do tell me more about these 'rumors' about "fallen angels."

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What would happen, if a single Culexus Assassin miraculously found himself/herself on Holy Terra, inside the Imperial Palace, within the Throne Room infact.

I mean, the Emperor's one, post-expiration-date super-psyker, right? Wouldn't he or the Golden Throne somehow be influenced by the presence of the Pariah-gened Assassin?

What if there were more than one assassin, a bunch of them -- hell, hundreds!?

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Haven't heard about this, but I think I'm looking forward to it now. It'll be nice to flesh Draigo out a bit more than just listing his accomplishments like they did in the codex.

Also on the note of scabbards, most space marines don't have them for anything large enough to be considered a 2-handed sword because there's no real way to unsheath them. 2-handers had sheaths back in the day so they could be carried around easier, but you'd only bother with them while marching, not when you may actually need them.

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Grey Knights are sent to hunt Chaos forces as often as deamons. The only things they aren't generally as good at fighting as regular marines are xenos, and that's before you take equipment into account.

The Exorcists know about them because one of them is standing over them when the get possessed as part of their initiation ritual.

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Oh my god, 90% of the art in this thread is digitized garbage. It looks like someone made bad CG renders and then blurred them in photoshop and added a bunch of fucking BRIGHT ASS LIGHTING to cover up how awful it is.

Give me more shit like this, you know, actual painted fucking art.

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I'm going to go smoke. Will resume in a minute, I've got far more than I originally thought.

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You could start by looking at the picture.

Here's the two different types if you're having trouble telling them apart.

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Because your ignorance of things offends me, pitiful xeno.

Now excuse me, I have deamons to kill.

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Correct, it isn't. Grey Knights aren't Exorcists, for one, and they don't have emotions for deamons to feed on, so Chaos gains no power from them.

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A thousand souls are destroyed than billions may be saved.

Similar concept to calling in Exterminatus on a world soon to be lost to deamons. You can't save those poor people's lives, but you can at least save some of their souls.

I will belay that order until the team figures out exactly what is going on, but if I get a hint of something foul, your men had best be on the next flier up or they will perish with the rest of this world.

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They are not so different from any other marine chapter.

We are not the Emperor's angels of mercy, we are his avenging Angels of Death.

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the books in the torrent i posted?

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I'm more of a Grey Kights fan but the boys in black are pcool

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They gave the guardsmen who fought against them full military honors and executed those who joined them.

Just because my orders conflict with yours doesn't mean I'm not still following mine.

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