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>he still wants to keep his dick when he could have THE POWER OF UNDEATH!!! and learn everything

Thamar offers the opportunity to become immortal and learn the secrets of the universe without losing my dick.

Also, she's hot.

So yeah, fuck Toruk basically, nigga can go fight dinosaurs elsewhere.

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Why does everyone have 4 cards? Where is the rest of the deck?

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Why would you congratulate a woman for getting pregnant? Honest question.

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>mfw Thrall's not hooking up with Jaina because Metzen was afraid it would offend soccer moms by promoting something that "would seem almost akin to bestiality"

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Why do we even have these threads? This board always opts for the Western option and in absence of one, they'll go for the most Western-sounding option.

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Go here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/365087/db40b6f7c4/

Probably the one and ONLY story from the series where the girl actually survives without injury.

But yeah the rest are just a chain of death scenes that seem to follow the Aeon Flux model, where they come back in later stories to die in different ways.

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I really don't. Even after watching that video someone linked, I'm not getting the jab. Is it because the dude talks funny? What does that have to do with Steel Rain being a shitty concept?

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Humans are not snowflakes.

Sorry to say but whatever we have planned to wow the other sentient species (including "trolling the fuck out of them" or "killing them all") has probably been considered by the representatives of at least half a million other worlds who also thought they were snowflakes.

The only correct answer is "whatever no one else has."

So it'll probably come down to something shitty like the Imperial measurement system or Rice-A-Roni.

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It's the only way to act out my fantasy of seeing skinny Asian girls get sexually abused by violent white men. Since I am in fact a 140 lb white woman, roleplay is my only option.

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Maybe it's just me but I never found Oglaf particularly entertaining. It often relies too heavily on nudity and sexual humor, basically a better-drawn Moon Over June and without the overt misandry.

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