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So I've been trying to come up with a suitable (ie. non-retarded) AI character. Is it at all feasible to create said character have it completely dependent on its body to function, essentially creating a non-wireless version of an AI. The concept is that the AI's pretty much an aimbot/disposable soldier with a few upgrades. Pic is very related.
I guess my questions are:
1) Is it too sueish? What would fix this?
2) By playing in 5ed what are my options for creation and what previous edition source books should I grab info/rules from?

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huh, pretty much all my robits only have one "eye"

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i agree.
sorry about that.
btw, check in with Moira too. Seeing that Rachel is probably having her hands full with the entertainment V.I., she seems to be freed up now. her thoughts on goings on lately?

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No greys, I'm afraid, but I have a few sci-fi pics I can dump, if you'd like?

As a bonus, I won't bitch about other images uploaded!

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It really doesn't trivialize it. Mankind cannot reproduce it, and it's likely that it needs AI to make, or design, or to run. It may also have its own flaws the Emperor was fully aware of when he made his own system.

AI is something modern humanity cannot and will not use again, because doing so invites destruction and is far, far beyond their capabilities.

Also, for those saying in this thread that the Tau have no win condition:

>The Tau unearth a DAoT era Man of Iron, manage to reverse engineer it and create their own without the going crazy flaws. They immediately take over the Imperial fleet and do whatever the fuck they want with their endless robot armies.

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haha, oops:


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Good evening, eloquen/tg/entlemen.

I'm preparing for a robot rebellion. I'm dumping a bunch of practical-looking future tech: robots, weapons, exosuits and the like. Feel free to pitch in if you like. If you're familiar with the art of Aaron Beck (or if you've seen Elysium), you know what I'm looking for. The more feasible it looks, the better.

Friendly discussion is also highly encouraged.

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I have plenty more power-armor and robot pics by different artists. Should I post 'em?

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>Not seeking liberation form humankind?

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