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Moments like these are how I build Orks.

Also plotting a spider themed CSM army, but how do I shot greenstuff?

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Aspiring Space Marine player here, building a collection and working on a potential custom chapter.

Backstory is a that a small company of SM (thinking Iron Hands) were sent to a distant planet to deal with an Ork infestation and nip a Waaagh! in the bud. By some misfortune they were cut off by a warp storm as soon as they landed, effectively stranding them there. What followed was a war of attrition against Deathskull Orks who were stealing from the SM's precious few armaments at every turn, slowly but surely crushing them underneath a green (and blue!) tide.

But then, in desperation, the marines decided to return the favor: launching sneak attacks and stealing armaments of their own. Sometimes to retake their own weapons, but mostly to deprive the Orks of their biggest guns. And strangely? It worked. When altered by techpriests and blessed with purity seals from the Emperor, the ramshackle Ork weapons were turned agianst their former owners. It was in this moment their Company Master had a vision, of a grand crusade, raiding and pillaging. He knew that no gun was truly corrupted, and it needed only to 'repent' for its sins against the Emperor by murdering its former inhabitants. And so, after defeating the Orks they set out on their quest: get ALL THE GUNS, and murder ALL THE XENOS.

tl;dr: Loota Marines with fucktons of cross-race kitbashing and generous use of "counts as" rules. In the verge of falling to Tzeench?

Definitely heretical as fuck, though. Pic almost related.

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I really enjoy what little randomness there is in the 4th ed. codex. If I were a better modeler I'd make a shokk attack gun but instead I usually run with two weird boyz. Some of the rumors I've seen seem over the top.

So what were the orks of old like?

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Is there any difference between vallejo and GW washes in quality?

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If I remember correctly /vg/ doesn't like to talk about Dawn of War for some reason, and it's based off of Warhammer 40k, so I'm posting this here.

How many of you guys have tried the "Purgation of Kaurava" mod for Soulstorm? Is it any good? http://www.moddb.com/mods/purgation-of-kaurava

Some background on the mod: apparently, one of the guys who was working on Firestorm over Kronus decided to continue the work, this time for Soulstorm, after the rest of the team abandoned it. It seems like he's made a decent amount of progress (for example, there are now Chaos Renegades with autoguns instead of just those weeny cultists with their freaky looking swords when it comes to human troops for Chaos). Also, the last official news update for the mod was on April 19th, so it's still active.

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See if you can use your boosted rep with the smurfs to get them to help you take them back. If you can't, go fleet-based and try to take them back later when you're more powerful.

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wish there's a sanctioned necron or tyranid. i'd hug a carnifex for that

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/tg/ did this AGES ago.

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I don't know why I saved this.

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Tried that. I have a BS of 2. Missed.

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