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I'm torn between allowing modern or historical firearms, one player will be a gun kata monk/barbarian. The game is "supposed to make you feel like you're in an FPS" so I'm guessing may as well allow modern guns. One PC is very like Doomguy, one PC is supposed to be kinda like Hereticguy.

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Then you don't love *everything* about them, now do you?

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>There are people who actually like cringefest shit like Mr. Pickles

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That's true, let's hope they get buffed. Too bad I already used 2 of my Flash Gitz's for kitbashing other stuff

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Can we get 80 gunz in here for old times sake?

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>you want lances, here's your sodding lances
>now pIercing strike too, because everyone should be strength 7/defense 3 or people get bored
Why not just give that ability to Theoden and have him be able to upgrade men into having said skill? You know, make the king of Rohan not shit.

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Please, tell us more about these cosmic horrors and what's so great about them.

Generally, one would think a game whose central theme is "What would you do if you won at anything so long as you put in a small amount of effort?"

Mage is the least horror related game around.

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So I can just pull out a gun at GP and force my opponent to concede? Or blackmail him?

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>tfw Arthur is just joking around about the Rubber duck thing
>tfw he just shitposts irl as a retard
>tfw he is a /k/ommando, hiding his power level in Magic England
>his first reaction to Voldemorts return was to grab his magic SKS from a ministry dustbin and go innawoods
>tfw everyone thought he was the crazy one so he came back to fight on their level

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>4e is all wargame combat dur dur

>the edition that consolidated skill lists, gave every class utility abilities, and canonized non-combat encounters

I never understood this meme.

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>my rund starts at the end of WW2 in Germany
>due to both WWs most old Vamps are in hiding and the age structure in Europe is similar too Murica in the original setting

>what I got

>Anarchs split between a decaying fascist branch, communists and democrats

>loots of problems with rampaging Anarchs and Vamps used to a thin Masquerade due to the war

>power structures are torn apart and have to be rebuilt- with room for Vamps to assume positions of political power

>eastern bloc is hell for vamps, leading to a surge of vamps fleeing to the West later on

>only Anarchs remain in the east, leading to a diverse range of vampire societes there

What are your ideas for the time period

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>Mages are persecuted by the Church

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The whole point is that extreme ends of all alignments are very nasty for mortals.
End point of lawful is becoming a drone, living math that has no will other than to do the one single thing it has been assigned to function.
End point of chaos is dispersed nothingness, endless options spreading you out to having equally nothing. You are free to choose from everything, but unable to commit to anything.
End point of good is endless flagellation, powerless mote that cannot have anything without giving it away.
End point of evil is implosion. Eventually you have consumed everything that there is in existence, so eventually only option is to eat yourself. Like a black hole, you shrink deeper into yourself until nothing remains.

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You know, if you were not obsessed with your trashbin romance shit, you would play them as knights instead of foaming your nerd glasses

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>"b-b-but might doesn't make right"
Gorum theory suggests otherwise

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>old character kills you

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Everyone and their grandma has depression nowadays. You can all go fuck yourself until you got it properly diagnosed. Depression is literally a meme at this point, which is a huge problem on anyone who is legit depressed

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This is the future you chose, anon. Every player added is a multiplier to the difficulty in making a solid CR because, surprise surprise, action economy starts swinging hard in the player's favor.

>Who's Etan or Amandia?

Amandia is pic related.

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