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Hey TG, I'm gm'ing a wh40k game soon, and realized that I am in great need of battlemaps for towns/cities/ships and any other type of battle map that could be useful. What would also be greatly useful is anything I can use as enemy tokens, chaos and xenos in particular. I appreciate anything you've got!

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we rp now?

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Something is happening /tg/.

I started this hobby so long ago, I was young when I started in 3rd edition with that great starter box..I was young. I was excited. I have been playing and playing.

Yet something feels weird. Armies don't feel personal anymore. All of my Lords have names, histories, and backgrounds. I don't know how to explain it.

I REMEMBER /tg/...

..I remember the days where 40k wasn't made fun of. It was just awesome..I remember the days when people wanted to see what GW did next...

..I remember the days when I downloaded my wallpapers and read articles on GW's sites...
..I remember..

....and I see it fading away.

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Hey tiji, I need a little halp. See, I'm trying to build a bit of a culture(?) for a pseudo feudal land(2, but I've got one so far).

The one I really need help with, well, I'm trying to imagine the social ramifications for it. How people in general would act; peasants, freemen, nobles. Also, the viability of guilds.

In effect, the basic idea is that they are about the beginning stage of what you might call a government: powerful groups demanding tribute and providing protection for it. There are a few "royal" families, each so powerful they'd have difficulty contesting the others, so instead they ignore each other, only convening to elect a new Crown from amongst their numbers.

Now, this is almost a strict meritococracy; the entire idea of how it works is "to the victor go the spoils". All is fair and legal if you can get away with doing it. A royal could easily murder a peasant if they felt like it without much reprisal.

How is it going to be on the street here, though? Also, are guilds a viable thing? Can post info on the other one as well, if you guys like.

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>buy DV
>sell off everything in it except the Cultists
>make a profit/break even AND have twenty Cultists

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>cheap should be cheap, period

If there's one thing that annoys me about 40k, it's probably this. The discrepancy between different armies' financial costs is just too much. Assuming you already have all the materials you need, some armies won't set you back too badly even when you reach the "standard" 1500 point count (Chaos DV merge, GK/SW/DA ____wing) but they're so damned mediocre. The moment you step out of that bubble, suddenly everything requires 200$+ and it's like shit son, we vidya game budgeting now. Then you get to the price tiers after that (IG, SoB, FW stuff like Krieg and 30k armies) and I start getting a fucking headache just thinking about it.

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How much does a WH40k Space Marine weigh, and how much do they lift? There's an argument about it in my gaming group right now, but the only things we can really find on it are forum arguments where everybody's comparing them to basketball players and going "They just SEEM too light".

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