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Surprised this one hasn't come up yet.

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>Fuck those smelly neckbeard nerds on 4chan
jesus fucking christ I know you are just trolling but damn, I'm mad

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>insulting based Abnett

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So an exacto? Not a jewler's saw?

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Rather then steal the WHFB thread, let's bitch about it here.

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I make pizza. Homemade crust and sauce, and sometimes, if I am feeling generous, the toppings would have come from our farm or someone who we know. That ground lamb pizza was delicious!

I make a basic scratch biscuit (adding some seasonings), but a little drier, bake that for a while (between 5-10 min). During that I get someone to grate cheese, usually Tillamook pepperjack. I then saute either red or Walla Walla onions with finely chopped carrots and red, yellow and orange bell peppers. I also make the sauce during this time. I start with Tomato paste, add about an equal part water to it, olive oil, siracha, cream cheese, and what ever seasonings I feel inclined to add, usually rosemary, ground red pepper, one or two garlic cloves, red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, and sometimes curry powder. Also during this time if I am adding any other meat toppings I cook them. Usually this is some sort of sausage, ground red meat or shredded chicken. after I finish all of that, I start by butting the sauce on the crust, then add the meat, then the veggies, cheese and finally I top it off with thin cut dry salami. If we have spinach I sprinkle raw spinach on top and add feta cheese then bake for another 3-5 min.

I wish I had a picture. I usually produce this on a large cookie sheet and I have been able to feed my gaming group of 5 with this. I wish I had a picture but I only make it on ridays.

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Rolled 15, 17 = 32


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That was the most abrupt, and possibly stupidest move I'd seen in the vidya scene in a while. Which is impressive, in a time where Valkyria Chronicles was ruined by high school bullshit and Bioware's works became the biggest lore trains to ever get wrecked.

Thanks for the 10/10.

But where the hell is the /tg/-related rage!?

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>PC's arrive at funeral
>Unsatisfied with the cause of death
>Begin researching the cause of death
>The DM is pleased with this
>PC's decide to investigate the site where the DMPC died
>DM decides this idea is stupid
>Deny PC's the chance to perceive 4 skeletons that come out of a lake, essentially attack monk flat-footed despite everyone saying they're doing things cautiously and gingerly
>Brutally murder 2 PC's on just a whim.

What in the actual fuck is this bullshit.

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>ironic shitposting

I want to tear out your lungs and make them into slippers. It doesn't matter if they're impractical or uncomfortable, I will make damned certain to wear them at every moment of the day when I'm at home being comfy.

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>EA buys Relic
>Does a 40k game
>Made by Bioware
>Space Marines having sex with each other
>Leandros, I...

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>Eventually Sword-baby, Night Ninja and Myself had to go rescue our Princess.
>And we all got out ala Indy in the Temple of Doom, but not before we found out the identity of the BBEG threatening to be a universal dick.
>It was a Deathlord.... and his posse of Abyssals.
>Beat hasty retreat back to kingdom to ready everything and rally some sort of defense.
>At this point I have the best scholars of the region deciphering tomes and checking artifacts for any clue as to what could help against the BBEG.
>I hire as many mercs and basically empty the kingdoms coffers to boost the defense of the city.
>I have contingency plans for escape for the citizens in case things get too hairy.
>Zenith gunmage finally finds his epic weap for taking out gods and hurries his way back to help but is a long way away and he got lost more than once along the way.
>Sword-baby actually decided to go looking for the Demon-warrior for some unfinished business instead of helping with the defense of the city. Something about wanting the other dude's big daiklaive. facepalm.gif
>Night Ninja was the only one with sense to try and help me set up the defense.
>Twilight Princess was off again trying to convince another Spirit-God to help us. Because it worked so well the first time. I tried to convince her to stay but seeing as how we were running out of options we had to give it a shot.
>My spies were reporting that all out war engulfed the big feuding cities and that a third army had arrived laying waste to those two cities already and were heading for the remaining three.
>I sent out envoys to gather help and support knowing none would come.

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So I've been here Since the original thread that spawned this, And i thought to write my first thing ever, as This is the first thing that's really caught me, However I Lsot track of it after the 10th thread or around there and only recently have I gone through the archives and Wanted to run the idea by to check if I wasn't shitting all over cannon or something, or going full mary sue/grimderp, anyway as a condensed summary
>berserker type character
>character Comes along with other fa/tg/uys, Wanders off due to reasons to prevent sudden character popping up and never getting noticed despite being here for like 8 years or something
>Gets possessed by insane Anger/War Demon/Spirit Called Knoc, during the warp or maybe after wandering
>gets Power Of regeneration ( most wounds heal in a few moments however He feels all the pain the wound would have caused him), maybe other powers later on
>Due to It is immortal, Unless reduced to a point he cannot regenerate from
>still affected by everything else ( being knocked out,poison etc.)
>albeit with much higher endurance because regen
That's about it what do you guys think, Really bad?, Too marysue? grimderp? ok?

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My favourite.

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>sororitas cheek tatoo
>no connection from power pack to leg armour
>tzeentchian pauldron and paint scheme
>purity seal
>yellow hair
>maiden of slaanesh

9/10, would purge

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The comic they're talking about is the opening comic. It's already up there. Scroll up.

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I buy Warhammer novels(Cain, Gaunt, Ravenor, Eisenhorn, etc). Other than that, I occasionally will read bits and pieces from codexes but the only one I've downloaded and read a lot of at the moment is the Guard. The bits I've read from Ward codexes are just freaking retarded. Like if I remember right, he wrote a piece(before newcrons) where the Crons and a space marine chapter team up to fight the Nids and then just let bygones be bygones after the fight, then there's the obvious Khorne Knights, his mary sue Ultrasmurf and Grey Knight heroes who reach into the warp, slap khorne across the face, shit on nurgle and trick Tzeentch into fucking Slannesh on a daily basis

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