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Last thread went 404 so 'ERE WE GO!!



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So are you!
And get planetmold on our clothes!? Never!

You set after the girl, focusing your last strength on not losing, you can't have her beat you to a door after all! You manage to gain some ground on her rather quickly - and she turns around to look at you with a surprised look, before setting off at an even higher pace.. she's fast! The sprint is short lived but intense as you both fight for first place, changing places several times over the course of the fifty meters you run, its impossible to tell who bursts into the door arms first of the two of you - and at the time you don't care as you slump into it, dead beat, sweaty - but finely at the schola!

"Ah-ha-ha, w-we made it!" the states, turning to you with a grin "Y-yeah.. made it!" you retort, about to say something more, a tiny door opens in the massive gates - large enough to push a landing craft through, and out steps a figure - by the looks of the silvery armor she's carrying being reflected in the sun its quite easy to place her. Coupled with the way the earth seems to tremble slightly as she approached you - clad in a helmet is impossible to see her reaction, and her voice is devoid of almost all emotion by the vox-speaking inside, like talking to an Engiseer onboard the ship!

"You made it before supper - good work, come inside, and we'll get you sorted with the others"


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You entertain the idea of playing around a bit more with the cognitator, but the sudden raised voices of the "keepers" makes you disregard the idea rather quickly, slithering out of the chair and grabbing your slate on the way out you being to head towards the door, making sure to toss John a "come here already" glare.

Once you are out the hatch, secure from prying eyes John breaks into a laugh "Hey, that was pretty fun I'd say - sure glad I joined in"

"What do you mean?" you retort, already stomping away along the brightly lit(Its apparently in full day-cycle already) corridor trying to put some distance between you and the room just to make sure...

"Eh, ye kno' it gits boorin' just workin' servitors ye kno?"

>Retort his remark.
>Go somewhere (Example: Personal chambers)

>Captcha: respect edryingh I agree completly.

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"Still you'd better put on that dress uncle Eric fussed so much about getting you, you wondered if there was even a need to dress up, logically the chances where rather high you'd be given clothing there, I mean - it was a standard schola, right?

But you still lingered, what if only the guys got it...

Besides, you did promise uncle Eric to wear it...

There was a slight wobble bellow you as the deck shuddered in protest, the grayed metal surrounding you on all side letting out a faint groan in agony, "I wonder what's for dinner..." you muse out load while rounding another corner, it was no dark in the hallways yet - there would be another hour or so before the lights began to dim into a nigh cycle and the open hallways would be closed.

Before that you'd better fetch your dinner, but there was also the issue of turning in your papers for review - last moment checks you'd pushed up to avoid the crowded checking central... There was also going to be shots... Viral boosters probably."

>What do you do? Food or turning in your transit papers for review, and getting your shoots?

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You're welcome. Unfortunately that is about all of them.

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