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>Need to open up a locked door by slicing into the controls, 1 minute duration
>Guardsman working on it gets pulled away to help with a particularly large mob after 15 seconds
>Ogryn finishes up his side of the mob, and moves to help speed along the process, also slices for 15 seconds before getting pulled away
>Guardsman comes back
>2 minute duration left on slice

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MAN that was on helluva jump, wad'nit Johnson?



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Emperor damn it, my squad's voxes fritz out for a little while and everybody goes cuckoo.

LISTEN UP! New standing orders:
Everyone who ISN'T infected by Nurglings, corrupted by Chaos, dead, or outranks me*, now has new orders: find the nearest Untouchable, combine forces with them, and move towards the nearest of the Bridge, Gellar Field Generator, Warp Drives or Plasma Engines. Collect any cogboys you find along the way. If they seem insane or possessed, knock them out, tie them up, cut off any augmetics that look like they can cut their way out with, and secure them in a locker with a note on the door. Collect any non-possessed servitors you see on the way. If its eyes are a-glowin', or you see any other signs of obvious Warpy shennanigannery, shoot it until it stops moving, then shoot it through the head just to be safe.

*If you don't know for sure that you outrank me, you don't, man the fuck up and get moving.

If you pass an armory, access it by whatever means are necessary. If anyone complains, listen to their complaints: if they say it's tainted, move on. If their complaints are anything else, point lasguns in their faces until they stop being stupid. If it looks all tainted and warpy, throw in some of whatever explosives you've got and move on. If it doesn't, tool up with the best shit you can find and don't leave any explosives behind if you can carry more shit. Remember, you can always dump gear if you find better gear later or find a sudden need to run, but you do NOT have authorization to go back for something you wish you had now.

And since we've had confirmed Nurgling sightings, put your hazard gear on. If you don't have any, find some. Those things will fuck you up worse than a bareback rodeo on a dozen underhive whores.

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Commissar, there is simply no point in this war with eldar!

They are clearly beings that are capable of logic, and their war against us serves no logical conclusion as there are other things like orcs and daemons lurking in this Galaxy.

By all logic, my actions were merely an attempt to begin progress of forging peace, ending this pointless war.

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A guardsman lad cam here last nicht
Wi' fightin' he was weary,
A guardsman lad cam here last nicht
When the Eye shone bricht an' clearly

"Bonnie lassie I lie near ye noo
Bonnie lassie I lie near ye
And I'll gar all yer ribbons reel
In the morning e'er I leave ye"

She's ta'en the Cadian by the han'
An' let him tae her chamber
She’s gi’en him breid an’ wine to drink
An’ the wine it was like amber

She’s made her bed baith lang and wide
And made it like a Lady
She’s fell her wh'te hair ower her heid
Saying "Trooper are ye ready?"

He’s ta’en aff his big flak arm'r,
Likewise his gloves an’ helmet ,
An’ he’s ta’en his lasgun fae his side,
An’ noo he’s doon aside her

They hadnae been but an ‘oor in bed
An ‘oor and half a quarter
Fan the drums cam’ beatin’ up the toon,
An’ ilka beat was faster

It’s “Up, up, up” an’ oor c'mmissar cries,
It’s “Up, up, up, an’ away, oh”
It’s “Up, up, up” an’ oor c'mmisar cries,
“For the morn’s oor battle day, oh”

She’s taen her helm ower her heid
And followed him up to Cadia
She was hit sae bad she couldnae boo
An' he left her in Macharia

Bonnie lassie I maun leave ye noo
Bonnie lassie I maun leave ye
An’ oh, but it does grieve me sair
That never m're shall I see ye

It’s “Fan’ll ye come back again,
My ain dear guardsman laddie,
Fan’ll ye come back again
An’ be your Sister’s laddie?”

“O haud your tongue, my bonnie lass,
Ne’er let this partin’ grieve ye,
When I'll fall into dre'ded Warp's maws
Bonnie lassie, I’ll come an’ see ye."

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Is it legal to mount the bits of a HWT on separate bases? ie the gun on a cav base and the firers on 25mm round bases? or with the ML have the two on 25mm bases?

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What do humans in the 40k universe believe happens when they die?

The Emperor outlawed religions, but is now worshiped as a god himself. However, they seem to revere him simply as an all-powerful being and savior, rather than the creator. Do they believe in heaven? Do they think the Emps brings them there?

Additionally, what actually happens when they die? I know some of them are taken into the warp if they fall to chaos or if they overuse their psyker powers, but does everyone go there? Or is the reality that death = death and there's no 40k afterlife as far as we know?

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Whutup teeg, I play Guard and I'm thinking about getting something else for allies. What's the best thing to go with guard (both gunline and mech)? I'm thinking Yiffs for terminators, or maybe orks, what you think?

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How viable is an IG Armoured Company (or whatever it's called this week) list?

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How about an IG "morale crusher" force? I'm thinking loads of mortars, flamers and hellhounds.
Would it work? Sounds like it would be hell of a laugh to see the enemy's whole army just run away and not have to actually fight them

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Gotta train for enlistment day, son.

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That's a little harsh. The quality of Planetary Defense Forces is highly varied.

The Imperial Guard train to a certain standard, and that standard is "will stand and fight and die when faced with, say, a Carnifex." So most guardsmen are pretty fucking impressive. This, incidentally, is most of what Commissars are for. The IG is highly varied, with everything from full-carapace drop infantry to dudes on space-camels with (explosive-tipped) spears. The cultures and tech levels are a vast spectrum, but they all get Commissars, and the Commissars job is to make sure that whatever your cultural peculiarities and regardless of whether you've ever seen a machine that ran on electricity before, you can function as IG.

But PDFs don't have that quality control, because their job isn't to get shipped across the galaxy to fight the worst things their officers can find for them, their job is to hold things steady on their planet.

So, the question is... what's their planet like? On a Pleasure World, the PDF might literally be a bunch of fat, perfumed eunuchs with only ceremonial weapons. On a Hive World with a history of mutant/underhive rebellions, the PDF may well be hardassed tunnel rat motherfuckers ever bit as tough as the I.G. And on a planet that WAS well above average in terms of prosperity and tech level until 70 years ago, when the Orks started to boil out of the southern continent and a Chaos rebellion took over half the western continent, the PDF might be more like veteran guards with light power armor, cybernetics, and heavy repeating hellguns for everybody (everybody who's survived until this point, at least.)

So don't knock the PDFs. They've got no quality control, and some of them fold like wet cardboard when they run into a faction-level threat. But some of them don't, and hold out for 3 years until backup arrives.

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Want ideas for Guard colour schemes/camo patterns. Post yours please?

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Since there's a Sphess Marine Chapter creation thread going, I've decided it's time for the Meatshields... err, I mean Imperial Guard to have a turn!

First off, roll D10 to see our origin.

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>3 additional hits at d10+2 might be nice but one hit at d10+5 might actually damage them.

Actually, the 3 extra hits are more likely to damage them. Two of them will bounce off armor, one will be a 9 or 10 on the damage die and well outdamage the single d10+5 (on which you rolled a 2 on the die.)

There are two damage strategies in this game. Small numbers of big hits (e.g. a lascannon or great weapon,) and large numbers of small hits (e.g. full auto or dual-wielded chain knives.) Big hits are better against armor, multihit is better against dodge (or opponents with high wounds but low armor,) but CAN penetrate armor if you get enough hits to get a RF on at least one. This is actually good balance: two strategies, each superior in certain circumstances.

Scatter weapons WERE weak against armor, but good at doing shitloads of damage against unarmored opponents, or catching dodgy opponents in the spread. Now they're good against armor, and less good overall. They've been moved to the wrong category, and weakened. Either of those things would be bad on its own; together, they're total bullshit.

It's a bad change, and I'm sure as hell not gonna use it.

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Sure, I'm interested to hear it. Anything helps.

I heard sketchy things about Dead Space, but hell, it's cheap enough these days. Might give it a spin.

I've seen the first Hellraiser, and thought it was kind of cheesy, in an entertainingly funny way. Sure, that'll help.

Haven't seen Mad Max 3 yet. Psyched for Mad Max 4, though. The director and writer of the originals are making it, and Tom Hardy is playing Max.

Sorry for going off on a tangent.

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>last words
"Fuck 'em."

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Commissar, Psyker + minder, Medic + comrade, weapon specialist + comrade.

The weapon specialist's specialty? Lasgun. He wanted to play a normal guardsman.

They rescued 4 members of 3rd squad, and they've got two techpriests (from a peculiar sect, the Forgemothers, who believe women should create and men should destroy, so it's their duty to train all the women to manufacture guns for the men.) All NPCs, available to be taken over by a player if a PC bites it. A dead player could also play a native recruit, once they've got the recruiting and training rolling.

The regiment is the 12th Arbor Rangers, a Hunter-Killer regiment from a nuked-out deathworld specifically described as being like Deadlands: Hell on Earth. Radioactive western with witches. They're cowboys in carapace.

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Probably some desk-jockey from a backwater wanting to look cool.

Besides, we'd never bail someone like that out.

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Bloody good read - thanks again.

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Only War thread? I haven't seen one about for ages.

What's news with the game, and what are some good stories from your games?

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Not that it'll do much

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Just as the fight was turning against the rebel PDF across the hive cities the disguised Ultramarines revealed their heresy. All across Olenus Primaris, in a highly organized, methodical ambush, the Alpha Legion exploded from within the ranks of the Guard. The Hive Secundus Task Force went dark, and no word was heard from any Regiments posted there. Hive Primaris and Hive Tertius were bombarded with thousands of junk messages, false-flags, threats of Exterminatus, and bad intelligence. Chaos and confusion ruled the day, and the Gaurd struggled to coordinate any sort of resistance to the wave of Traitor Astartes. Colonel Gaius Scavolo of the 81st Brigwick lead the efforts to control the flow of information from his Forward HQ at the Hive Primaris. Though his efforts were successful, the 81st position was being weakened by heavy artillery bombardment. Meanwhile, Major Danielle Lightfoot of the 145th Hellguard spearheaded the effort to organize the heavily scattered Tertius Task Force. One figure stood above the rest, however, that man was Commissar Nathaniel Haas. Though he was humble about his role, many saw him as the glue which held the Gaurd on Olenus Primaris together. His bravery while leading the 19th Balaster Penal Legion became legend overnight. The living hero won further respect by silencing the heretical ambitions of Lukas Mastor, commander of the Cadian 842nd, who's men, upon landing planetside, swore vengeance on the loyal Gaurdsmen who supported Haas.

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The campaign's stated goal is the complete and utter reclamation of a hive world and subsector capital that has fallen into the throes of an ongoing popular rebellion against the Imperium of Man. This world is known as Olenus Primaris.

Chaos Space Marines have been officially wiped out, as far as anyone can tell. However, for every victory, there is a loss. While Imperial forces have been making process, they've been infiltrated. the heroic Commissar Hass had been possessed and goaded Imperial troops into killing most Astropaths and crashing their orbital support. Likewise, the Imperial Lord-Militant was killed, leaving General Linna in charge.

The blackout caused by Haas' betrayal was substantial. Many units were trapped behind enemy line and took heavy casualties. The impromptu Task Force Tertius lead by General Linna regroups, preparing to assault the next Hive on the planet.

Regimental Status is as follows.

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