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Libertarian DEldar

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The only correct answer.

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>when your rival archon is hosting a rape-party for his mon-keigh raid-order child bride so you fire a black hole at him because the rape sounds invaded your private property

Gods be damned, I love this city.

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Rum-and-poor would be a good one. If you’re running a game pre-M40, you could use Commorragh, since the Crones hadn’t taken over the asylum by that point. However, both here and in canon, Commorragh isn’t really a place where people can easily come and go. Commorragh is really only “safe” (and I use that word generously) for the Dark Eldar and maybe the Crones. Dark Eldar because they can walk through the streets without getting knifed for being a mon-keigh (no guarantees are made for any other reason for knifing). Crones because Crones are violent and crazy and those two traits are a good knife deterrent in a bad neighborhood like Commorragh.

Commorragh likes to present itself as a libertarian meritocratic utopia where everyone is free to do as they please without having to bow to the will of gods, kings, or any other authority. It’s unclear who they’re trying to convince with this message, as the Imperium sees them as a bunch of thieves and pirates, the Crones see them as prudes in denial, and the Necrons don’t really give a shit. In truth, they’re really, really not. You can get really far in Commorragh, but only if you’re a) an eldar (no mon-keigh need apply), b) a DARK eldar (no Craftworlders or Exodites need apply), and c) a TRUEBORN Dark Eldar (no tankbred need apply). Commorragh in canon has this weird habit where even though they hate each other’s guts, they hate the idea of an outsider with power even more. You have to be a Fabius Bile-level sick fuck for them to accept you as one of their own.

And of course, even if you manage to claw your way to the top of the heap, there’s still Commorragh’s number one rule: don’t fuck with Asdrubael Vect. Better eldar than you have tried.

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I used to think the DEldar were redundant in the face of Slaanesh, save for their aesthetics, but reading up about how their remaster was inspired by Fair Folk tales, coupled with /tg/ casting them as Ayn Rand-level anarchists made me love the psychotic bastards.

Gonna post a few of my favorites.

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Interesting points! I never really recognized the parallels.

It's also a bit of an unfortunate parallel in itself, that so many Dark Angels fans "ironically" buy into the supremacy and denying of hypocrisy, only to actually start being hypocrites in denial.

I had a similar problem with liking the Dark Eldar, as I viewed them as just playing second fiddle to Slaanesh, until I saw the aspects of them that held lots of that Fair Folk influence, as well as their kinda anarchist/Ayn Rand-up-to-eleven craziness.

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There's no reason they couldn't be used in some fashion. I mean, the old War in Heaven shit about them is still valid for the AU, and they do pop up from time to time in the OU.

What did you have in mind?

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>he gets hold of the Harlequins

It would be possible, if he came across anything Chaos related or of grave universal significance, that he would run into them. Given the way they move, along with their crazy dazzle-tech and clownery, it would obvious what Uriel was looking at if he had any knowledge on them.

Hell, the witnessing chaos at the same time as getting the mythic clown confirmation could act as a major defining moment in his fall.

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So I'm getting ready to get into 40k and I've been putting some heavy consideration into what army I want to play. I do not shit money sadly, which means if I start to invest money in an army I am going to stick with that army come hell or high water so I want some fa/tg/uy opinions. I'm stuck between the Tau and the Necrons, I'm not playing to have the best army as I know these things change from update to update, I want to play what I will enjoy.

Can some 'Cron and Tau players give me some of the potential highs and lows of the two armies to help me decide.?

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