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Name: Alexander Marchazio
Fluff: A high-ranking political figure in the empire, Alexander was issued his license by the High Lords after causing one too many annoying issues in Terra's political mayhem, the first of his dynasty to receive one. Alexander plans to form a dynasty amongst the stars to last to the end of time.
>Light cruiser
>Size: 10
>Health: 50
>Weaponry: broadside Macrocannons x2, Front mounted Lance x1.
>Defence: Plating, Void shields x1.
>Crew: 50.000
>Hangar: Valkyrie dropship x1.
>engines: x2
1x Void Shield 1x Valkyire Dropships, 1x Starhaw Bomber, 1x Lance, 1x Macrocannon

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In my 40k FFG campaign, we started out playing Only War, as a recon squad. They secretly worked for a rogue trader, who was an old childhood friend of one of the sargeants. In the end, they had to get a part of an old artifact for him. And then he of course turned full bond villain, and turned on them. Now he is the BBEG of the Rogue Trader group, hunting for the other part of the artifact. He is too classy and too powerful for them to even kill him. At least thats what happened, when he invited them to a party, to lure them away from their own colony so he could attack it, while swirling wine around in his glass.
He even did the classic Bond villain trick, and tried to bomb them. This time from space, with a lance canon, in the middle of the capital, while counting down to the orbital bombardment over their private vox channel.

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Hey there. My group is playing Rogue Trader, and we got rotating DM's. My scenario will be about Bloodsplatter TV, the largest media corporation in the Expanse. They got monopol on all violent gameshows, and they export out of the sector too. They got a massive political influence almost everywhere, due to the network being a playground for wealthy nobels from the entire galaxy. Think of Battleroyale/The Running Man/Necromunda (the nobels beating up thugs in giant power armor). Im getting a bit ahead of myself now, though.

Okay, the players are looking for an ancient artifact, which a powerful rival rogue trader dynasty, a rogue ADmech cult and a shadow orginisation of inquisitors and the like, all are looking for. Its a treasure hunt. The players will know that Bloodsplatter TV got a major lead in this treasure hunt, a map or something, and they are giving it as a reward for being this years Bloodsplatter champions. So the players will sign up, and have to do some violent murderous rounds of fun. But I dont just want it to be an arena with waves of enemies, I want it to be a bit like Madworld, if you guys played that.
So now that I fucked up in my explanation, do you have any ideas for fun "gamemodes"? And good names for them as well! Im already thinking of "Bloody Murder", where the players will be dropped into the lowest part of a terribly mutated Hive City, and have to murder their way out of there. They will get bonus points if they make it extra bloody, and tripple points if they use chain weapons. If they get enough points, they will get bonus loot. So, ideas!

Oh, and the players are: A charming pistol dual wielding rogue trader, a tech priest, a navigator and an archmilitant/void master (the arch militant probably rerolls the void master).

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get it now if you can if someone else wishes to thats fine by me

The Horus Heresy Series Books 1 (Horus Rising) to 24 (Betrayer) (Mobi)


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A Krieger looking on the edge of suicide, a Techpriest looking sad and friendless, a four-armed hideously mutated and creepy Navigator, and/or a fat&cowardly looking Rogue Trader.

Any of the above would be greatly appreciated. If you -really- wanna go to town, like pic related. Except the Techpriest is far away. Nobody likes him.

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Showing off your latest bit of art, eh Olivares?

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/tg, what is your favourite Inquisitorial faction, both radical and Puriatin. Bonus points for both and why.

Fav Puritan: Thorians. They're awesome and surprisingly upbeat for inqusitiors. Faithful too, but a little deluded. Just enough to make them awesome for Eccleisarchial heavy campaigns, they also make good Hereticus Inquisitors.

Fav Radical: Definately the Obilitionists. They're just fun, plot wise anyway. Make for great Inquisitors and can prove to be very provicative villians, for both puritan and radical parties.

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Yea. If a Dark Eldar player makes mistakes, it can often be really hard to get back into the game barring a stroke of sheer good luck. They just don't have the toughness or numbers to ride out their blunders.

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I disagree.

>Pic related: Your average Rogue Trader group.

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It's certainly wonderful. I couldn't help feel that it got a touch silly towards the end, though. Necrons and all.

Apparently the game revived, though, and he put the crazy bitch that is Chorda in cryo and decanted and married her sister instead. Credit must be given where it's due.

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