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Worse, the most lewd I'd be able to do is pic related...

Spoiler for the horrific nature of it.

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>Human mating rituals involve holding hands
How lewd.

also kek, him lying to them about that might have some really interesting consequences in future negotiations when the human diplomats offer them hand shakes.

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Oh c'mon guys... it's like slaanesh has gone so far that it's gone full circle to chaste conduct and being romantic. Really, isn't so much excess so as to make it UNexcess just the whole point?

pic related: you know you want it.

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>We don't do emotocons, it's not proper.
>But I kinda want to do an emotocon, just for you.

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not that anon, but here's some more

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oh, it's not that bad.
Of course, then there's this...

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>You curl up with Brooks on her small bed, beneath the blankets. She's warm, and comfortable, and hums quietly as she combs her fingers through your hair. On the far wall, you can see your shadows sitting down at the table, quietly holding hands.

Oh my god, that's sick! Who knew they were such perverts?

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Oh my
You mean like this?~

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Honestly, i blame our human telecommunications network known collectively as "the internet."

Seriously, 80% of it is just really weird shit. Even pic related is just the barest tip of it.

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W-what? N-none here I swear it!

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Honestly, she just needs love, a good hard hugging and she'll be good to go.

She's a warrior, so you'll need to go the distance, but if you can hold her hand all night long you'll have someone who will stroke your face whenever you need.

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>Lewdest thing I know

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