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"Carry on, then" completely deadpan...until you crack an evil smirk

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Are you sure? I mean, it is the ultimate "fuck you" to everyone who wronged you. Are you sure you don't want to go down with a bang? Also, I'm fairly sure your wish will result in either elimination of all magic except yours, big explosion when your fragile body tries to sustain itself with thousands new magic circuits, rewriting of history so you are the most powerful magus... because everyone else is even worse or just plain death of Gaia.
Your wish as it is is impossible even with the power of the Grail. So why not destroy the world which denies you what you want the most?

But enough philosophy for today. Just think about it.
Right now you should talk with Astie. He wants the Grail for himself as well. And probably is concerned about whether or not you want to destroy it. Ask what's wrong.

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I chose a good day to be bisexual! Hoo hah!

"Yes, my Servant. Will you win the Grail for me?"

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