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>smartest character in the party is, once again, a fucking animal

what is with this trend in /pfg/ games

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If the magus having more options is so cancerous and unbalanced, why is nobody bitching about all the Puppetmasters that must clearly be running rampant in games? It gives you both Magus AND Bard spell list, and lets you totally fuck action economy up and down with illusions/enchantments!

Having it be 1/turn is cool, but I was still thinking of the "x uses/level" like the spells.

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Does Spell Combat count as a "full attack action" for the sake of PoW strikes that specify making a full attack? There's an FAQ that says Spell Combat is "considered a full attack for purposes of haste and other effects", but I'd assume it's not supposed to work with something like Raging Hunter Pounce, as much as I'd love if it did.

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How might one go about homebrewing a warpriest archetype that trades out the cleric-y parts for Oracle stuff instead?

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>HOPEFULLY Legendary Vigilantes should be out today

Aw shit son.

I had something else I was going to harass you over, and I think it had something to do with a design defect in something from the first book, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I think it maybe had something to do with Inquisitive Detective?

>Magus and Vital Strike
IMO, Magus is fine without Vital Strike. Personally, I'd think it would be fair if you could take a feat that required a swift action in order to combine spellstrike with Vital Strike. Maybe give it a prereq feat that lets you Vital Strike during Spell Combat's full-round action?

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Something that always bugged me is how the Hunter got to poach the the "better of the two" spells off Ranger and Druid, but the Warpriest didn't get to poach spells off the Paladin/Antipaladin list.

Also no Cha-casting "basically a 3/4th BaB 6th caster paladin" archetype for the warpriest, which upsets me greatly even though I'm sure there's a "good reason".

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Actually, I need to ask the thread as a whole: How "valuable" are eight spell-like abilities actually worth, assuming it's 1st-4th level spells, 2 of each spell level, and each is assumed to be 2/day. How much "value" would making all of them at-will be, or even only some of them?

Drow Nobility is 3 feats that result in 6 spells, which are as follows
>Constant Detect Magic, a Cantrip
>At-will Dancing Lights, also a Cantrip
>At will Faerie Fire and Feather Fall, 1st level spells
>At-will Levitate, a 2nd level spell
>At-will Deeper Darkness, a 3rd level spell

Obviously Magical Tail is far worse value-wise since it's over double the feats. The last spell in the Magical Tail feat chain is Dominate Person, a 5th level spell (4th for bards), but by the time most characters would get it it would be irrelevant anyway, especially for a piddly 2 uses a day.

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>The best known FOP case is that of Harry Eastlack (1933–1973). His condition began to develop at the age of ten, and by the time of his death from pneumonia in November 1973, six days before his 40th birthday, his body had completely ossified, leaving him able to move only his lips.

This is like some fucking reverse I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

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As an alternative, how can I instead turn ALL Golarian kitsune into ordinary, "dumb animal" foxes. Then, from there, I can start the process of making the mythological kitsune a thing as, like, fey creatures or something. I don't fucking know. If I'm a wizard aren't I contractually obliged to have some bizarre, petty goal that upsets the lives of thousands-to-millions of people?

Because bitch, if I was an immortal wizard and realized I had the power, I would.

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Wasn't he a sorcerer though? I think part of the joke was that his familiar was smarter than he was.

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So someone explain something to me. The PFSRD keeps up to date with errata, but the Archives of Nethys leave things unerrata'd? I wanted to look up the old Crane Wing feat and it looks like the archive has the old version.

>tfw you will probably never get to use most of the good pre-errata stuff for martials

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>if you're interested I'll check if the DM is still accepting people
>it's a lewd game

I mean, on one hand it's a chance to use DSP stuff, on the other, ehhhh?
What format are you using? If it's entirely IRC I'm at least tentatively interested, depending on the time.

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nth for this looks like an amazing sorcerer trait, but what things will I still be in danger of with low read: 8 Wisdom? Are there any other good traits to use your CHA mod in place of another ability scores?

>Irrepressible (Faith): You can use your Charisma modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier when attempting Will saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.

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Oh baby. My GM is probably going to tell me to fuck right off if I mention it, but it's worth a shot anyway. I wonder if he'll let me intentionally fail that save in shattered star.

I don't really want to fully embrace the whole cackle/evil eye with my hexcrafter and can hopefully refluff the hexes, but even then I have a ridiculous amount of utility from this. I originally wanted to just play a generic anime/JRPG protagonist magus for kicks, but in trying to figure out how to make low levels and a party size of 2 not be complete suffering, I'm starting to stray heavily from that.

So far the only hexes I'm actually looking at are Slumber, Flight, and Healing. Maybe Ice Tomb, as well.

>mfw GM doesn't understand gestalting and doesn't want to bother with it
>mfw don't want to force him to do something he doesn't want to do
>mfw really want to try all these gestalts but will never be able to

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Actually this makes me wonder, while I doubt I have the means to do it, is it even possible to capture Nualia or do you have no choice but to kill her?

I haven't played or read much about RotRL, and recently started playing it.

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So quick question about the tier list: Why the is Promethean Alchemist/Preservationist a tier 2 class when is effectively just "a gimped summoner", even with planar preservationist? Promethean Alchemist looks pretty mediocre, and (Planar) Preservationist by itself honestly looks like it's far better, since you retain the ability to be an effective fighter /and/ throw down your pokeballs. Is it just because you can get more monsters out in a single turn? That hardly seems worth giving up bombs and all those other class features.

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Why isn't the promethean alchemist's Homunculus set up in a similar manner to the summoner's Eidolon, with a smaller evolution point pool and only one base form? I mean, you're giving up most of the Alchemist's features for it, so why the fuck is it so limited?

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What rules are there for constructs as Player Characters? What classes would make sense? If a Promethean Alchemist dies, how hard would it be to spec out a homunculus as a player character?

If a GM tells players to make two characters to play simultaneously, but one of the players is playing a Promethean Alchemist, how hard would it be to bring the Homunculus up to the level of another PC, and can the alchemist still be relevant if he's technically still losing the class features required by the Promethean Alchemist archetype?

Since we're on the topic, for all you folks who have played the Promethean Alchemist archetype before, describe your homunculus, what you had them doing, and whether or not you loved and cherished them or used them like tools.

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You double check that no one's around, before flashing the steel of the revolver at them, "I took this, from the father's drawer."

Both of them react strongly to that, in different ways; Angie glances about anxiously clearly worrying, Rai's mouth falling open in amazement.

"Woah! Cool! Is that... is that the Street Cleaner?" He asks. You nod, showing him the inscription. "Lot of people in the neighbourhood are scared of that name. No evidence to prove it was him, but a lot of rumours about how many people have been killed with this."

Angie slams her fist on the table, "And THAT'S why WE shouldn't have it!" She hisses, "Rule number one. Don't steal from psychos! And please, put it away!" She reaches out and grabs the gun, hiding it inside her own jacket.

"I think we should destroy it." Rai proposes, "If we take thing apart, post pictures of it all over the place.... it'd hurt the Neos. They intimidate everyone into doing what they say. If people see they're not invincible, it'll give everyone hope."

"Yeah, and if they can trace it back to us?" Angie demands, "Then they'll be on your ass more than usual. Didn't you say they beat you up not three days ago?" She asks, pointing to all of his bruises."

Rai hisses in pain, and Angie takes a moment to gather her thoughts, taking a deep breath. "Let's just dump it in their yard or something, okay? We still have to get to Abby, on top of all this."

>Put the gun back
>Destroy it
>Write in

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40shitters really are the lowest scum. Even lower than questfags.

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I've read the webcomic this is from.
I forgot what its called.
Reverse image search didn't work.
Send help.

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Not me personally, but one guy in my group did rape a barmaid once.
It was the most uncomfortable shit ever and everyone told him to never do that again.

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>The cunning of Tzeentch with the brutality of Khorne

The discipline committee is fucking something else

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I'm joining an ongoing Pathfinder game. One of my friends helped me create my character, but I got really decent starting rolls and accidentally made some good decisions and it looks like I'm going to be really OP compared to the rest of the party.

Is this okay? I don't want everyone to think I'm power-gaming scum.

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