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You fail to understand. Yog-Sothoth does not do, Yog-Sothoth is. By destroying a universe, Lucifer has popped a pimple on Yog-Sothoth's face. That is the scale we are dealing with here.

Yog-Sothoth is supposed to be time and space embodied, across all realities everywhere.

I know a Christian-centric worldview naturally rebels against the idea of Lovecraftian cynicism - but the point remains - if Yog-Sothoth isn't all of time and space, he isn't Yog-Sothoth, and we know that Lucifer isn't equivalent to the entirety of creation. This is why August Derleth failed to properly capture the mythos. He failed to respect the canonical power of the mythos' deities as they were supposed to be, and constrained them to allow them to exist in some sort of multiversal context which fails to understand their point.

Lucifer in all of his incarnations is powerful, but arrogant and prideful, whereas Yog-Sothoth is more a mechanism by which reality might exist. To accept Yog-Sothoth exists accepts that he is eternity. That is... until Azathoth chooses, in his idiocy, to end him.

Yog-Sothoth is the Gate.

Yog-Sothoth is the Key.

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With the Primal Companion variant feature for Beast Master Rangers in TCE, is the Ranger able to sacrifice one of its attacks in addition to the Bonus to command the pet to do two attacks? Can they sacrifice BOTH attacks once they have Extra Attack?
The wording is all sorts of confusing.

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Well, shit. The other option was to stick her in the 99 of Thantis so I guess that's that.
Also confession. The reason why I asked is because Im one Rakdos deck away from completing the 32 challenge. I tried Scorpion God, Grenzo, Kaervek and Tymaret but none of them really clicked. Im hoping Commander Legends fixes that. I don't want a Rakdos deck for the sake of just having it, I want it to feel like something I can bring out and make it worthwhile.

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Shouldnt that Northwest sword be stabbing her wing out?

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Assholes, I already have a Mairsil deck and you're making me take the Kraj pill.

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/awg/ and /hwg/ have ruined me, I'm thinking about starting a warmaster army and I've gotten to the point where I caught myself thinking that 10mm is far too large for a mass battle game.

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Train your mind harder. HARDER.

Even severe autism can be trained out of. A better life is possible.

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Holy shit, Spike is the voice of the Dresden Files audiobooks.

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>in a town
>need information on criminal ring
>be psion
>guards have prisoner with gang tattoos
>won't talk
>bring up that I am a psion and I can totally pull the information from his mind
>just need a to be alone with him in the soundproof room
>no distractions as it requires concentration
>pass bluff checks
>OOC party knows I don't know any such powers, I'm a melee/buffer/healer psion
>proceed to torture prisoner, healing any marks left behind and damage dealt along the way
>prisoner is super resiliant
>GM doesn't seem to mind that he's given a mook a will of steel
>fine then, begin psychological torture
>slow down physical torture
>making diplomacy checks
>discuss with GM stockholm syndrome
>torture scene evolves as I shift between lightly asking prisoner questions while slowly lifting his fingernails off with my dagger and savagely stabbing him in the dick
>heal him both times
>tell him how brave he's being while healing him
>mock him ceaselessly while torturing him
>stop asking questions about his gang all together
>GM doesn't even have me rolling for intimidate or bluff anymore, just damage and healing while I describe what I do
>running out of power points
>GM slightly uncomfortable by how descriptive I'm being
>don't care, want the information, worked too hard for this shit and sunk too much power points into it
>inform the prisoner that I've been having a lot of fun with him, maybe I won't kill him after all, just keep him around as my favourite torture doll
>GM says slavery is illegal and the town doesn't use the death penalty
>has prisoner say I'll rot in jail with him for this
>ask him if he really wants to spend the rest of his days in a cell with me
>eventually prisoner breaks
>tortured him to the point he'd rather die than continue but I healed him when he bit his own tongue off
>doesn't say anything to the guards, isn't afraid of death anymore, doesn't care about ratting out his friends
>later find out he killed himself in his cell
>GM's face when

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>ie. ''The Bull of Minos''

wtf are you suppose to call not!Minotaurs in your setting if the island of Minos doesn't exist there, nor the old greek world?

Horn 'n' hoof folk?

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I'm not sure what to make of this game at all. The campaign pitch reads like a Japanese visual novel. The power level is way above this place's already highly inflated normal. The tone vaguely hints that it'll be about people being bad and maybe even hedonistic, because pirates and world-ending, but gives a vaguely noble starting goal and basically bans lewdshit.

I'm guessing that this will appeal to folks who want nasuverse, though not the mainstream crowd at all. Maybe?

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> still salty about ensoulment

Well, not really. The results were fine. But I have a question. How does one get good at writing interesting characters?

I continually feel that I have these character concepts that have great potential, at least to me, with motives, drives, villains, and so on, but the feedback is always, always, a steady 'meh', or 'boring', or just nothing at all. It is the absolute worst sort of response. Even a shitty character who nonetheless entices the reader is at least engaging. But what defines one from the other?

I don't "get it" and it's very frustrating.

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>Been thinking about making my own micro armour and its all come out looking like shit
>tfw I see this

Those look really good anon, got a blog or something I can follow to see how you made those?

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That's pretty creative actually.
Never thought of using it like that, but how would you get in contact with them to let them know when to summon you?

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I see.

I'm still leaning toward a Commando, I guess. But it seems a bit feat intensive to make a decent TWF'er still.

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What does my diplomacy roll have to meet to convince a stranger to kill themselves with a well thought out argument of nihilism?

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>Thought this song was completely fucking stupid
>Can't stop listening to it a few days after I hear it

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>Mage casts clothing into baby oil spell

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>I don't know what fun is, but I know it doesn't require using my brain sometimes.

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Comedic idea:
What if the bad guy didn't know what game they were in?

For example, the villain has been setting up in Generic Medieval Fantasyland #(postnumber), and has, for the moment, been assuming it's Dungeons and Dragons whitebox... and an elven druid shows up to stop him. Oh, shit.That doesn't happen in whitebox! Elf is a class, not a race, right?

(and makes an INT check, at -4 due to unfamiliarity)

Start the campaign with the villain having some vague idea of the system, but nothing concrete. As the game goes on, have them steadily narrow it down, making mistakes by guessed-at mechanics and exploits that don't quite work right, until the final fight, where they've minmaxed the encounter as best they can. The players then have to think outside the standard solutions to defeat the bad guy.)

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In Otoyomegatari, do imported companions get the 100 CP items for their origin/background for free, or merely discounted?

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