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Actually there are better systems in the world. And we all know what the worst system is. I won't mention it's name here for the sake of sanity and avoiding triggers.

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Someone already did that.

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Now I met a lot of down to earth people playing EDH at this store, some great minds, a few llikeable pricks, and Roberto. When I met him, he was just another guy, running one edh deck, a Numot deck.

Now he wasn't the worst player at the table. In fact his deck was pretty mean, it could get a bad midgame lead, and sneak out a win. I even sold him an Idyllic Tutor that night.

Now I dont know what happened, maybe it was because he lost too much, maybe it was because he needed something to be good at. So he starts proxying cards, money cards and the ilk.

So the edh players hate him, as they tend to do, and he is always the first too go in a game, and if not, the second.

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there allready is one

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Do you want it to be realistic?

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How this game works

First get the lastest version of fatal rpg here

Use random.org website to select a random page.

Create a rpg that will have this page unchanged*
*see below

Default mode (nightmare mode)= You can change the number of the page you are in to another number (so you dont need to create a 800 page rpg if you get page 800). You can change the number of pages the rpg talk about. You can change the chapter you are in (so you dont need to have 12 chapters if you are at chapter 12)
You are at hell door mode= You can change the number of the page you are in and can change the number of the pages fatal talk about. BUT you can't change the number of the chapter you are in.

First layer of hell=You can only change the number of the chapter you are it.

You are in hell=Leave the page as is and make your rpg, with this page in it

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Oh /tg/, the email that I just received
Backstory: last week while I was waiting for our game to start, I decided to watch some hentai. The very first website had a chat in it that had some sort of RP going on, some guy was playing a vampire. So I decided to take him on a brief adventure. It was all freeform of course and I presented him with a small plot. He was a Marty Stu (could teleport, breath fire etc) but I didn't restrict him since he seemed to be having fun. So after that I suggested him some RPGs and I left, leaving my email address.
Some other guy contacted me and for a while we just talked about various games (he said he GMs Mutants & Masterminds). He then asks me if I ever cybered and I evade his question by telling him about a That Guy who did that in our game. I then get this reply from him:
well im not one of those "that guy" but i do sexual RP's with friends and i've actually cybered a friend of mine who i knew very well and it lasted 23 hours, but most of my cybers only last around 4-6 hours lately because no one really likes to stay focused in them. however im very good at roleplaying. i live in Excelsior Springs Missouri. btw i am a virgin irl BUT i am by choice i've had many opportunities to have my v card taken but i am saving it. random info time: i once fingered a girl making her cum 12 times in 20 minutes. had to carry her home afterwards. and my 1st gf i ever had who was a real life relationship 1 out of the only 3 i had she was brutally raped and murdered her name was katie and it happened when i was 15 im 26 now so it was 11 years ago but it still weighs heavy on my mind. i do have skype if you have it. and im always down for conversation. in fact i'd love to maybe do an RP with you sometime. ^^ or even just chat.

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has anyone ever played this game non-ironically
i honestly believe no-one has

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This image should sum it up.

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If OP finds Mr Valtera's ruleset too restrictive and unimaginative, there are alternatives available.

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Have any of you actually played FATAL? How was it? How hard was it to navigate the rules? Does the incomprehensibility of the game destroy any comedic value it might have?

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>The wound system will be much more realistic in comparison to most games, as it runs on a bloodcount and wounds. When struck, the to-hit roll is what gives the initial location of what was struck (Head, Chest, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg). After that, each of those has its own chart that you roll on to see what is hit, for example, you could get shot in the hand or in the neck.
Each hit then has a roll to see how bad the shot was, if it hit an organ or how much bleeding it causes. Players can bleed out or be killed by surpassing their toughness in negative wounds.

You know what system this reminds me of?

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>elf slaves

Admit you want to play this, OP. Tell /tg/ the truth.

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Question for you, /tg/.

Are there any RPGs out there _worse_ than this horror?

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tg lets talk about F.A.T.A.L

I have decided tonight is the night I am going to roll up a character for this. I don't know a whole lot about besides the obvious anal circumference stuff. So /tg/ have you ever played a game of FATAL if so how was it?

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Hey guys, I know fatal is the worst rpg on this earth, but I really wanna play it.
I have no idea why, I don't want to have a campaign or anything on it, I just want to play it just once in my lifetime.

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Sooooo... FATAL is not /tg/ related?
They're not posting porn pictures, and language has never been work safe here, so let them have their fun.

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So I here there is a PDF of this game that's only like 100 pages. Anyone have a link?

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You are just not intelligent and mature enough to play highly accurate and realistic mature RPGs for smart people.

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anyone wanna play a game?

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Who here plays FATAL? Opinions? Favourite setting? Come on, there's got to be some FATAL players somewhere?

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