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>Also the center part is in suspension

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>[x] What is he waiting for? Do it. Do it, you son of a bitch.
>look him dead in the eyes

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>It is of the monster reaching down to devour the bodies of your precious friends…

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I've already bought three games this month. I need to play at least one of them soon, just so I can justify spending about 1½ times my monthly board games budget.
I love CAH, but only if I play it about once every two months.
Fair enough, it's not for everyone.
>"In heaven, there's a lot of ___"
>Have the "Self-loathing" card
>I know everybody will only laugh at the cruder stuff
>Play "Dick fingers" instead
>mfw I win
I'd managed to get it down from about 30 to about 20... then I learnt that The Works had some decent Rio Grande games in stock.
I backed Next England Captain on Kickstarter, but it's more than halfway through and it's only just gotten over £1k

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>mfw I'm not nearly as good at writing as you are


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We do not speak of him.

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>quest thread general threads

This should have been the final straw.

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Being generic for the sake of being generic is no better than being original for the sake of being original. In both cases you are desperately attempting to be different from some perceived norm that doesn't actually exist.


I fucking love it.

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Flanking is for fags and women, you fag and/or woman.

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The Imperium of Man.

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That is a terrible pun and you should feel bad for making it.

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That isn't justice.

That isn't just at all.

If we get some good speeches pointing out their hypocrisy that'd be great.

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In the not too distant future.

Somewhere in time and space.

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>hurting the little girl

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Let it die. I am so far past giving a fuck.

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rolled 21 = 21


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Get out.

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I've waited a year for this to resurface and now that it has, I can't think of a damn thing to write.

Bump for now, I'll look at it later and hopefully cook something up.

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If I intend to use Go as a metaphor, you can bet your ass I would do my research. ESPECIALLY if it's a recurring symbol in my story. The fact that the show "always" used chess metaphors just makes this error worse. A minor, throwaway symbol could be forgiven for containing an error, but a prominent symbolic theme must be airtight.

Also, writing isn't just about putting words on paper. The whole process, including research, is part of the overall effort. If you're too lazy to read a fucking chess rulebook, you're a lazy writer. Also a shitty writer.


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