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da onez wotz good fightin

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Is an Ork boy's "unmodified leadership characteristic" 7?

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Hey OP, what's the sauce on that pic? Is it a FW Armor book, or the GW Apocalypse book?

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Well we landed in the middle of fucking nowhere and our Warp Engine is damn near totally busted. The system has a couple of planets and a moon that are habitable, and we have a enough food to last a few months, and it looks like it's only a three week job to fix the engine enough to get back to Footfall, so thing aren't looking too bad for us. Still our Rogue Trader doesn't wait to delay this Endeavor for two months and leave our smuggling outpost undefended with our erstwhile rival possibly aware of it's location. We start scanning for anything resembling civilization to speed up repairs, and low and behold in that very planetary system we detect the presence of a smallish voidport on the darkside of aforementioned moon. It's of human design but not definitely not of Adeptus Mechanicus make.

Alarm bells are going off on my head, but over my suggestions the rest of the players tell me to shut up and we don't really have a choice. We hail the voidport and almost immediately get a response. They can do a quality repair job on our ship and even resupply us if we're willing to pay. We go there, dock, and get off. Obviously not imperials but nothing really seems off. The Rogue Trader and I negotiate how much repairs are our going to cost, the Explorator/Ork/and the Psyker split up and explore the station and see if they can find anything of interest. Our guard drops and continues to do so.

We learn repairs are only going to take a week and seemingly impress the head of the dockyards there to the point were he says if we're looking into making some serious money we can find some work with the headhenchos who operate the station and some research stations on the moon below. Cool, we just might have made even more money by this little diversion,

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Here we can see Commissar Yarrick, you can easily note his feelings of "oh shit oh shit!" and his desperation as the gigantic ork warlord Ghazghkull stomps over the hill to smash him to bits, as the commisar tries to stop him with his bolt pistol.

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Alright. I just had a thought.

What if the Orkz have their own versions of Primarchs?

Warbosses that have been around since the beginning of Ork kind and have grown nearly the size of titans, still livin' on the long forgotten planets the Old Ones first made them or in the Warp fightin' beside Gork n' Mork.

When there is a big enough WAAAAAGH to attract all of Ork kind, and a promise of a fight good enough to get Gork n' Mork to stop fighting eachother, they will return and help make it the best fight ever.

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>only the *size* of a squiggoth

What does OP think Squiggoths are?^^

No, but seriously, fluffwise Orks growth has no recorded limit, Ghazgkull is supposed to be the biggest Ork yet and sometimes he is depicted about 4 meters in height.
If memory serves, a BoLS fancodex had a Waaaghboss with the body of a WHF Troll, saying he got that big by eating a grenade/shell and surviving the blast, so maybe thereĀ“s a some canon about soaking damage as well.

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You are an Ork Warboss, you are in command of a significant Waaaaagh.

What are your boyz like?
What tactics do you go for? Shooty? choppy? sneaky? Speedy? or some variation thereof?
What is your favourite weapon?
Who are your favourite opponents?
What is your spacehulk like?

And finally... who is better?

Mork or Gork?

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>These people win interstelar wars for the God Emperor's sake

The problem with that is.. so does this guy

And half his brain is fucking gone

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Oh Codex: Armageddon

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The WAAAAAGH defeated them once, it can defeat them again.

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An Ork WAAAAAAGH, in the middle of some serious lootin... uncovers one of these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCeD2gF9jUo

...already armed and dangerous...

Aret ehre any survivors?

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OP here, I think this example can hold up in the debate we will have in my gaming club.

Thanks to all those who helped!

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orkz orkz orkz...

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Thanks for the Advice. I'm totally leaning towards Gazkull and a Big Mek now...

Or two big meks. Shokk Attack with forcefield sounds awesome.

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Wearing the head of a Tau and doing The Robot while on patrol will be pulled from their Duty.

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Sorry, the position of Ork Failbaddon is reserved.

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You fink a puny 'uman can fight with Ghrazgghkull thraka!? By Gork, y'must be zoggin' nuts!

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