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Back in Secondary school (was like 15-16 for reference, 30 now), I had a friend in my class who was built like a dwarf. He was like 5 foot 2 and robust, a bowling ball of a guy and he was none too bright but did lots of stupid shit for keks.

So during breaktime we'd go around the school and look for small groups of lower form students (around 11 or 12) who were trading pokemon cards, this was during the first few editions or whatever you call them now, I don't know. Before the Gen 3 games, anyway.

I'd push my friend into them and the kids and cards would go flying fucking everywhere. It's disgusting seeing how this kid's friends turn into vultures as all of them hungrily pick up cards (like me and my friend did) and ran off with them.

A few times the brazen upstarts would have the gall to report me and we'd get caught and given detention but w/e. Most of the time I collected some and sold back the rest in my "black market" of copied CDs and porn cause I had DSL before most

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Love it

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>MGSfag, interest piqued
>What the fuck is he talkin abo-

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Jesus Christ that was an entertaining read. You have talent, should consider writing rants for one of them websites that do this sorta thing.

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>someone finds out about being considered a subpar GM and/or a shit person
>proceeds to confirm it by alienating everyone in sight
you'd have thought they'd take it as a wake up call.

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>It was determined that although the farm had been cleaned for fingerprints, some finger and palm prints (presumably of the robbers) had been overlooked, including those on a ketchup bottle and on the Monopoly set (which had been used after the robbery for a game, but with real money).

Playing Monopoly with the heist money? That's pretty damn respectable.

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