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A good point.

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Lots of different ways to have an Orc. Not every setting has them in a patriarchy.

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Did he just say cuddle? Hahaha! I screwed an orcish woman once, boy. No, that ain`t right. She screwed me, truth be told. Them orcish women are rather bossy when it comes to fornicatin, you know. Comes with the way they tribes work. They are stronger and bigger than the males and when one strikes their fancy they simplywrestle them to the ground and screw them. Ye knowm them orcish guys are never much interested in chasing after skirts and this is why. It`s simply not in their nature. But back to my story. It was in the Eastern Marches, back in the day of the Iron Counts invasion. We had served alongside a band of orcish mercenaries, and among them were a few of those huge females. First I thought I had insulted her somehow and she wanted to kill me. Later I figured that she must have watched me hen I put my sword through that Minotaurs neck a few days ago. Must have made her all hot and bothered. When she was finished with me I had four broken ribs and a smashed pelvis. Medics told me I was lucky to be alive. Thats some orcish tenderness for you, boy.

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Please we all know that /d/ and /tg/ are one and the same. Hell half the time I forget which board I am on.
I also dare you to figure out which board I got this pic from......

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This is how Amazons are done in my homebrew setting:

First of all, there are no classic fantasy races as playable races, only different kinds of humans. The "Amazon" race lives in city states in the southern jungles of the western continent. Females of that race are tall (like seven foot) and have a muscular, athletic build. Statwise they gain a bonus on strength and agility. They become soldiers, hunters and labourers, with soldiers being the most prestigeous occupation. The traditional role of a woman in that society is that of a protector and womanly vitues are loyalty, strength and honor.
Males in that society are small by our standards and have a slender build, but they also tend to be smart and charismatic. They usually become priests, mages, scholars and artisans. While the actual rulership lies usually with the military caste, the traditional role for males is that of honoured advisors. Manly virtues are wisdom, craftmansship and suavity.

There is trade between the Amazon city states and the kingdoms of the nothern central continent, but the cultural differences (traditonal medieval genderroles) sometimes leads to open violence, especcially when a sailor makes fun of an Amazon male and thereby insults the honor of his female protectors.

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I like the idea that an Orc/Elf is a Human... Perhaps with an Elf/Dwarf is a Halfling, and an Orc/Dwarf is a Goblin to cover all the bases.

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Sexy orcish musclegirls are always welcome.

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lover: mischievous, perverted tiefling girl
wife: shy, devoted wood elf maiden
slave: haughty drow noble that secretly enjoys being dominated, she wears a magical collar that forces her to obey and makes her horny all that time
companion: Lamia sorceress, a fellow adventurer. She enjoys good food, sophisticated conversations and occasionally casual sex with no strings attached.
fembro: 7 foot tall lesbian musclegirl orcish barbarian, pic related. A fellow adventurer, she enjoys a good fight and after that a nice taverncrawl.

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This is how female orcs are supposed to look.

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