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And that's ok. I've often wondered if the game would be better received among some if I ran an event or campaign set in the old world.

I get people mourning the death of the old world. I played 8th edition and before that I just read a lot of the books. Being a Dwarf fan, Grudgelore is one of my favorite books of all time.

I still like the new setting, I think it's very creative and leaves a lot for players to make their own stories, but the old world still holds a special place in my heart. So I really wouldn't mind at all playing games of AoS in the old world.

I have often wondered how I would put the Stormcast Eternals in the context of the old world. It might be interesting. I know some guys on /whfb/ was working on it, but not sure where it went.

I don't agree. I think AoS can still be discussed here even if you want to set it in the old world. As long as he's not trolling (which he isn't).

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Not me. I've got Grudges to settle.

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>No idea what the cause is but the effect is that its going from a 4 way free for all, planetside but with 40k to a 20v20 instance by instance in medium size maps. The best we can hope for is for Battlefront 2 but with 40k but even that is doubtful.

C'mon, people.

Anyone with half a brain has been fully aware that a nobody studio using 3rd party engine would not be capable of pulling off a game they were promising at all.

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One day I hope to have regiments of 20 of each unit in the dwarf army, including some different gear options. And a horde of 40 slayers.

Oh, what a force it would be... just need 2 boxes of longbeards, 1 box of quarrellers, 1 box of irondrakes, 2 boxes of ironbreakers, 2 boxes of hammerers, and either another box of quarrellers or the Avatars of War box for rangers... doesn't seem too lofty of a goal, actually.

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