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>muh gifts
>muh loyal wizard space monks

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How else do you think we get rid of this old stuff?

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>just name it after other chapters to troll them

sure. this is absolutely not an Imperial Fists Relic Mug, the chapter serfs just painted it yellow and drew their logo on it in order to honor the Sons of Dorn and their fine coffee-brewing skills.

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I know what chapter you shouldnt pick.

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inb4 /tg/ doesn't care and op posts a few times acting like anons that are angry

0/10 ain't even mad

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Then we keep him under close guard, put him in stasis if possible until another chapter with an available librarian or chaplain can asses the situation properly. We must not make a rash decision.

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Just to clarify, I made nearly all of the chapter cups.
The fuck awesome chaos ones were done by some other guy, kudos to you sir, whoever you are.

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Hey guys, what's going on in here?

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Hey, just got back from Terra.

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