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>Beast Snagga Rules Preview:

>Codex Orks Rules Preview:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tools to Improve Battlescribe:

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That's Horrifying.

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das bootyful

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>start collecting orks because i think they're hilarious and make me laugh
>realize that what is funny to them is basically being a horrific psychopath to everyone else
>suddenly don't feel so good playing orks
i don't like this feel

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>guy commissions me to paint his 2k point tau army earlier this year
>just saw it on ebay last month for more than he paid me and the models price combined

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i'm looking to branch out from my imperial guard army which isn't very fun to play
i would like to play an army that is different in that it wants to move around and doesn't die in droves when shot at

some lists i'm considering are:
necron canopteks: wraiths, tomb blades, scarabs and spyders all seem fast and tanky
eldar jetbikes: seems very fast but they also seem very fragile
tau crisis suits: seem decently tanky though probably the slowest option on this list
admech cavalry: i like the models but i'm not sure you can make a list around these guys, as in they seem like much more complimentary models than something that is the bulk of a list

any suggestions would be appreciated

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lmao no they fucking don't

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what reasons would a tau force fight another tau force (aside from training/mistaken identity)
are there any rogue factions within the tau empire aside from farsight enclaves?
what would rogue tau factions even be like? would they also be expansionist with the desire to conquer the galaxy, just different from the ethereal way?
or just want to set up their own domains and be left alone?

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Does anyone else see the writing on the wall for how unironically fucked this game is now? Balance issues are annoying, sure, but the banhammer gets them after a few months, but now they're doing worse than a few broken cards. Making D&D into a LITERAL fucking magic set? The doors been blown wide open for Hasbro to shove in whatever toy tie-in they feel like now as a CANON SET. Like it was obvious they were getting a little bankrupt creatively with the constant revisiting of planes, but holy fucking shit the ground work just got laid to suck what little soul of creativity this game has left. One big shitty commercial. That's what 30 years of original design & worldbuilding is nosediving into.

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>when beakies get excited about their "extra wounds" that dont get attacks and cant be armed with a shoota or a choppa

u wot m8?

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>first game ever with brother this weekend
>his indomitus necrons + a monolith vs a bunch of ork shit I threw together
>skate along the side of the board assblasting the monolith with lootas + flash gitz
>let my boyz sit for like two turns by my weirdboy
>'dude why aren't you moving your boys?'
>'its a surprise bro'
>let him set up his firing line
>da Jump 30 boyz & put down 15 stormboyz & some kommandos all behind his screen
>everything gets shredded by gauss
>panic and shoot back
>mfw I find out after I fucked up reading the rules beforehand and could've charged that turn instead

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Can you post one of your ''proper'' models?

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>no weapon weapons
Wot da zog?

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>reverse image search
>0 results found

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>dfw wen everyone but the space warriors is da space warriors

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maybe he just had an autism moment where his train of thought was derailed and he had to do something before it got too awkward
i stay up at nights sometimes thinking about the times i fucked up like that

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Who the fuck hurt you? This hobby doesn't need your autistic gatekeeping.

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>tfw Koschei was created in DnD

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>e krumps wifout paitin' iz bitz

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My brushes are fucked and art supply stores are closed.

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Those eyes are terrifying, like he's possessed or some shit, man.

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>offer a very powerful statblock for a good aligned creature
>"oh so you fight it in an evil campaign right?"
>actually no because only 1 in 30 DMs will allow an evil campaign and older systems basically told you to fuck off if you wanted an evil campaign
I dun gettit

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This board is SFW, Anon.

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