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>Magi Bloodlines was Morton's Fork instead of Fate all along

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We might seriously strain our muscles if we continue.
>Stack, it's important to exercise, but I think I've done enough for today!

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“Possibly. Bit out of that groups league, though. The only thing we've got to go on is your AAR, and that makes it clear they're no slouches.”

“We could-”

“I'm telling you that for your information, not because I want your god damned opinion on it,” Thomas says. “I believe the CNO himself told you that picking a secretary from amongst your assigned units was as much to provide a bodyguard as it was to lessen your clerical load, correct?”

You nod, your mouth to dry to speak.

“You seemed to have adopted Arizona as your bodyguard,” Thomas says. “Which makes your decision to dismiss her from your office without you rather curious. Then, you got drunk while talking to Naka - which I can understand, when in Rome and all that, especially when the Roman can feed you the bottle if you refuse - but the part where you decide to gallivant across the fucking base without even calling a car from the motor pool, that, I can't god damned fathom.”

The chair-arms squeak dangerously as you crush them under your hands. “Shigure was in a lockup and I wasn't aware there was a price on my head.”

Thomas takes in a deep breath and lets it out slow as he glares at you. “I suppose. And you were never formally ordered to pick a bodyguard, and you never formally made Arizona your bodyguard.”

You nod.

“But that's all different now, isn't it?”

You feel your blood run cold.

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I don't know why but reading these attack names made me start tearing up.

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>TFW played Tyranids in 4e
>TFW when Godzilla was not only a competitive strategy but also super fun to play
>TFW when 5e and 6e happened. (Don't know if they've gotten a 7e codex yet)
Welcome to my hell.

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Oh Jesus Christ and then we troll her back by setting a wedding date and it's like 20 years before everyone realizes we trolled ourselves into marriage.

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The studio was owned by THQ, who went under about 2 years ago because CEO's these days cannot into good marketing and letting game devs do their thing.

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>staring hollow-eyed at several sheets of inexplicable paperwork laid out in front of them.
>Goto, the glorious son-of-a-bitch, provided them with JSDF standard forms... in English. And from what you saw as you “casually” passed by their table, he ran it through Google Translate for good measure.

I'd feel sorry for them, but that's what they get for bullying my waifu

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>3040 Atb campaign going well
>managed THREE star league caches last contract, kept them all
>everything is going well in the latest battle
>tfw three mechs headshotted in a single turn
>tfw it all comes tumbling down
>tfw mission accomplished by the skin of your teeth

Heavy lance only lost one man, but one of my light lances was cut down to a single Talon and the other is so badly damaged that I won't be able to bring them to the next battle.

And I'll be facing the three lyran recon lances.

I'm halfway tempted to say fuck it and go pirate, but i'll probably be in the path of the clan invasion before I can claw my way back up to semi-respectability.

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Okay OP I'll level with you since other people seem to be doing confessions too.

I'm not a very like-able person irl and I suffer from pretty heavy depression too, so when I ended up joining a forum I decided to make up an internet persona that was the exact opposite of me. She's nice and happy, basically meant to be cute and shit. Well it worked, and lots of being fucking loved her to the point where she became a minor meme among other users. And I even got friends as part of the deal. Now this was all fine and good as I was able to separate myself from her very easily.

But then I got involved with an RP that had massive amounts of people lining up for it. Do to the nature of the game we all downloaded the same chat client and were using it for both IC and OOC reasons, which was fine and dandy but she was meant for the forum. In the end my persona and I started merging a fair bit while talking to those people. And then I started to leak over into the normal forum too.

As I continued contact out of forum and in forum I began to act more and more like the persona who had mangaed to gain a life of her own without me knowing until it was too late. I'm sure I haven't explained this correctly or very well at all, but it's been 2 years since this started and I'm no longer playing a game of pretend. I still have my old vitriol but I'd be lying if I told you I was the same person I was. She's not a persona anymore and that's actually some scary shit, like I unknowingly started to replace myself with a better person.

I guess there was a moment when I realized I didn't want to stop her. Sure, I still have lots of the old me, but I like this us better. Even if we've come out a bit weird as a result, people like me now so it's fine. I even have matching avatars with my boyfriend!

So it turned out perfectly...?

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The fuck? I know he said he was pretty busy, but he'd at least let us know whats up, right?

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You know that's what's happening anon. and meanwhile Frank is drifting further and further away from her and toward the other slu-squadmates.

What's a young lady to do in such a situation

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>mfw I just ate ramen
>and have been eating ramen often
>for years

I am going to die.

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>Be the GM
>Has to constantly roleplay that one female NPC that the players decided to latch on to because she was the only voice of reason in the world

They literally used mindcontrol on her to make certain she stays their friend and they also give her a fifth of all the treasure.

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Why are you such a dirty communist liar?

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What a coincidence, that's how I druid as well.

>this is how I party leader

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Finally all those mornings where my weak gums started profusely bleeding at the touch of my toothbrush every morning have finally come to use!

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I've pretty much moved to sandboxing as well. Sandbox style games flows more naturally and lets the players immerse themselves with the game.

It helps that lately I've been running games with easy NPC generating such as Dungeon World and Gurps.

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>Players who aren't fucking murderhobos

That would be pretty fucking refreshing actually. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with players but as soon as they enter rpg mode its as if all ethics and morality seizes to exist. It's honestly speaking a bit unrealistic considering that even most criminals have a code of conduct.

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This is how I tank commander loved, trusted and respected by his subordinates

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>> COUNTER: - 5 CP

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