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>White is undeniably the roughest monocolor in EDH.

lol top kek anon, red is the worse mono color.

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How many "threats" should a 40k list have, let's say at 1500 points?

I'm trying to build a CSM army that uses actual MEQ (mostly Noise Marines and Chosen) and I can only really get like 8 serious threats on the table, is this enough? I have stuff like Vindicators, plasma Chosen, sonic weapon spam etc. pls respond



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plz hlp, i just want to have fun ;_;

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What the hell am I reading?

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So Theros now has 'enchantment creatures' and 'enchantment artifacts' despite having been told that tapable enchantments will no longer be a thing.

Also Thoughtseize returned. Wizards also reprinted Wallet Sculptor. It's over, Magic is finished.

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What's happening /tg/?
I need some help, I need a Rolepaying System suitable for realistic Middle Ages-Tudor time period,
I'm planning on a mix of combat and roleplaying.
I'm considering Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying System, but I'm uncertain about it. Anyone got any advice?

Here is a picture of an Angry Corgi that hates Cabbage.

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I wish to point out that my stuff is all custom. Only a few quotes are inspired by anything.

Also this Corgi. Why does it hate fucking cabbage so much?

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