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Goddamn it Australia.

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OP here, thanks for explaining.
>mfw I went and looked up those cards just now

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The ancient evil is mad as balls since this is a big ass ritual and it's basically doing this as a favor to me anyway since I'm a repeat customer, it goes to leave. I got one thing I can offer that I have on hand at the time and my character is mad as balls about having to do it, but I can't just dump another PC in the shit over it.
I manage to convince it to take the kid we just made in return for bringing him back. GM rolls diplomacy. I fail.
He says sure, since you're my favorite patron and I love you so huggy-muggy-much.
For a price.

One quick and thankfully skipped over completion of the deal later, the Sorcerer wakes up, takes one look at the hearts and organs on display, starts drooling at the mouth, turns to me and asks what the fuck I've done. As the GM brings up a template which reads 'Cave Thing', undead, decent bonuses, a few big ass weaknesses.
Has to eat humanoid organs to avoid starvation is the main one.

OOC, Sorcerer flips his shit because it wasn't exactly what he intended. I tell him what happened with me having to give up my own ambition and that I basically did my best (The little shit didn't even give a fuck, the cunt). He starts swearing up down and side to side to have revenge on my Master. At which point I point out you might as well declare revenge on the wind or mountains, but we can at least get those bastards who cost me my kid.
Then I tell him the reason why it didn't work; because one of the kids wasn't up to scratch. Dude goes quiet OOC and just gives the GM a 'the fuck' look, the GM shrugs and gestures to the dice. Current theory is that the Mafia family is either far eviler than we thought and into child prostitution, or sells kids to experiment on to their Derro masters.

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Party arrives at a dungeon. There are skeletons.
The skeletons are inside them.

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I am now glad my sister was a normal social teenager even if it means we have absolutely nothing in common and basically hated each other growing up.

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>/b/ Civilization quest
Man, seriously, just go to suptg, sort by vote count and pick a few quests that catch your interest and read them. See how they go, see what causes shitstorms, see when people like their QM etc.

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oh my fucking god, just, arrrrgh. Fucking nightmare fuel, I don't think anything I've seen has been so fucked up.

I have never seen anything so appropriate for this pic.

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>tfw I walked in a forest where deers and boars roam free

The small ones looked cute but apparently I was in mortal danger

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>we're in Monster Sparkle's head on his/her first day of school

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>they keep forgetting the 10 min voting rule

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>The Hipster Mafia

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On that note, how is horror done in LARPs?

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Well if I don't find one that is decent, ill just be scratching my skin all year till Bicolline
Epoch was the worst, literally dudes in swim trunks and shit, others I looked at were underworld, raven, shadow lands. I basically gave up there.
Oh god Ill have to learn how to do that.

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Anyway, she fucks off, goes to train them, tries the sunshine and rainbows 'I'm your friend' approach and even decides to set up her tent within the wooden cordon. Why? I don't know. I really, really don't know. Hell the guards even tried to warn her not to pitch up in the 'animal pen', but nope, she knew best.
Anyway, GM has her do a listen check on the 3rd night of the training, she's got fucking nowhere with these lot, but has (against all advice) armed them, armoured them and given them some fairly hefty weapons in setting, I don't know where the fuck she got enough muskets to arm a crew of 48 men, but her idea was making them into dragoons.
Anyway, she fails the listen check, and the first she knows of what's going on is her right hand man and BFF/fuck buddy shouting that they're under attack, she gets dragged out of bed in time (After a short combat to give her a chance to escape) to see the men pin him down, gag him and...
Basically force him to watch while they take turns.
All 48 of them.
Then they slit his throat, while she watches, after a few of the more deviant types have a go on him while he bleeds out.
By this point she's scarlet as a berry as you can imagine, as he special snowflake gets all the rape background drama she could ever want. While the rest of the table stares at me and the GM in horror. They could all see the signs of her fuck up coming, but after I got out of there that night, one girl slapped me. I'm not even sorry.
I know I'm being bileful, but I really can't explain how bad this girl was at being a team player.

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Well that's going in my nightmares for the rest of time.

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He answered that question promptly every time it was asked, and it was asked about twice every time there was a fight. Not to mention that he does all of the calculations for you, so you just had to roll the dice. I don't think you actually read EDEN.

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