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>I see an old world beyond the next horizon – a world that likely never was, where sorcery blew in the very winds and a self-made god-king was all that stood against the Ruinous Powers.

>Mayhap I would find the answer there, if I could find it at all.


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Yett, the name implies having fallen, or fallen from grace, possible becoming Chaos filth. We must know, incase the dark angels have been corrupted somehow

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Most likely he would blind himself before encountering the Prince of Excess.

We already know you haven't read any of the codex or information regarding this matter for yourself so could you just stop. You do this in every thread that Draigo is brought up in.

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So am I to assume Draigo possesses exemplary Psyker powers to be as potent a Grey Knight as he is?

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Snort Warp Dust and live forever.

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>Codex: Grey Knights page 39
>The Daemons he slew inevitably returned in new bodies, Nurgle’s mighty jungle regrew from the ashes and even the tumbled walls of the Inevitable City righted themselves.

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So is Kaldor Draigo Primarch Tier badass? I've only just started reading about this character, seems his greatest strength is his incorruptibility rather than his ass kicking skills.

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>Psyker who has mastered the AEGIS

>wielder of the Titan Sword, Cleaver of Daemons

>possesses physical prowess so great, that he is to a Space Marine what a Space Marine is to an ordinary man

>avenged his fallen commander by carving his name into the heart of the Primarch-turned-Daemon Prince Mortarion

>led his order to constant victory

>cursed to walk the warp forever by a Daemon he banished on the eve of the 42nd Millennium

>Proceeds to crush the armies of evil on their own turf, carving a path of destruction through the warp itself, destroying countless Daemons forever

Daily reminder of how awesome Kaldor Draigo is.

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For my waifu!
Die, you nemesis of my beloved!

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OP are you me? I literally bought the Grey Knights solely because I love Terminators and especially power armored infantry. I've wanted to run a list that concentrates almost exclusively on Termies and Paladins, but it's pathetically easy for an IG friend to beat me.

I want to get some Stormravens but they are expensive as fuck and I'm a poor starving college student. Woe is me.

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and you really think i'd let my favorite toys in the warp just up and leave me hanging in here? how about you spend a few centuries nursing a brand new set of boo-boos that i'm about to drop on you?

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Small timers."

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Where does a Chaos God go when Draigo trashes his realm? It was shown that Draigo is destroying the inner sanctums of the Chaos Gods, and yet we have seen no trace of them.

I think it's either that the Chaos Gods don't really exist, or they crash in the houses of their brother gods until Draigo finishes wrecking their realm.

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Have you guys ever felt you were in a real life quest of epic proportions? I just had one today it had to do with finding raw material to make a hammer. check this shit out.
>>Work as a welder at a mine
>>mainly do rebuild and crack repair
>>finish a crack on a 994 bracket.
>>No more work for the day til tomorrow (grauzer job)
>>boss lets me clean and organize shit in my area
>>find piece of hexagon metal about 4 inches.
Look at it and think about heating it up and tempering it to make myself a punch to mark my initials into my work with.
>>pull out small brazing tip start setting up.
>>journeyman bro walks by
>>"hey anon what are you doin?"
>>just found this piece of metal gonna turn it into a punch.
>>he picks up the metal and looks at it for a moment before turning it over a few times.
>>he laughs deeply and smiles widely.
>>"that's a fucking blast from the past. Do you know what this is?"
>>"err ya It's hexa stock prolly used for key holes? or gap rod maybe?"
>>shakes head and show me the tiny engraving of RM
>>"The RM stand for Rony Mohan, He used to be a black smith here when we still had a smelter back in the late 90's"

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Ways in which the paladins may have proven themselves worthy of attempting the eight tests...

>1. One of the 12 survivors of the Purging of Jollana
>2. Present on Sondheim V for the liberation of the Book of Pandegaras
>3. one of the few to survive (and not end up horribly injured) during the first war for armageddon (this would make that particular paladin over 500 years old,not sure if this is heretical? I know that I've heard about one marine whose over a thousand years old don't remember who though.)

These are all just from battles listed in the Grey Knights Codex, I'm not sure where else to pull inspiration from, Also I'm aiming things to stay within this codex's definition of Mary Sue, which while very Mary Sue does mean that I don't want any of my paladins achieving Draigo level shenanigans.

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