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thank ye.

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Occasionally we RP the foreplay but mostly we stick to the chaste stuff, unless I've explicitly stated that someone is FREAKY.

I REALLY look foreword to someone trying to hook-up with this Sanctified Kyton Cleric I have planned. It'll be like fucking Hellraiser meets Disney!

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A little off topic, but this seems like the thread to pitch this idea.
I am soon to be involved in a Pathfinder Gestalt, and my GM has given me leave to attach the Sanctified template from Book of Exalted Deeds to a Kyton monster class.
The concept boils down to a kind, grandmotherly woman with a hardcore BDSM fetish that lurks under the folds of her unflattering clothing. Off of the battlefield, I'm going to make her essentially Treetrunks from Adventure Time, baking sweets, having tea parties, and giving out advise to any who need it.
On the battlefield(or if anyone is foolish enough to hit on her), a complete flip of character. Full on dominatrix with spiked chains, a safeword, and verbal attacks on her enemy's masculinity.
Oh, and the common names I'm mulling over are Cookie, Muffin, and Nalbuphina.

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