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that was pretty good anon

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Well played anon.

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>Mfw been rolling all combats by corner peeking with bows and magic
Also which fucking retard at Larian thought it was a good idea to make a spear be two handed but only do 1d8?

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I'm fucking unstoppable

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>Enchanted Geode
>Mountain's Heart: Increases your natural strength, letting you lift things far larger than you, +1 to your cart space next gen
Am I reading this right? Does this effect only last for 1 gen? Or can it be used for multiple gens?
If Its only 1 gen, and I take it with me back in time before I use it, could I choose which Gen to use it on? Does a gen only count for 1 chart, or both the Normal and Expansion?

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So i've got a total of two moderately horrible ideas and one catastrophically bad one that i'm actually using in my homebrew.
What does /tg/ think of them

>Orcs look much like regular orcs in other series - brutish, conventionally unattractive and slow-looking.
>In truth, orcs are rather smart, and some scientific advances have been attributed exclusively to orcs.
>They also act like stereotypical 'southern hospitality' texan ranchers.
>To the point that the only reason they'd hoist a scantily-clad elf woman on their shoulder and carry her to their house was to give her something more appropriate for the climate to wear.
>The orcish women often do all the farmwork since their husbands are too busy working on the next big project to care about feeding the cattle or reaping the crops.

>There's a branch of elf who literally came down from space.
>They have the most advanced technology in the world.
>Things like hoverboards, rocket cars and hardlight holographic personal assistants sex-capable model costs double and the like.
>Basically noblebright shadowrun.
>Also, they all talk like surfer dudes and never seem to get new tech just right until they outsource troubleshooting.
>The reason they moved here was because their home planet ended up too dense with buildings to have safe jetpacking areas.
>think orcs crossed with anime knife-ear elves crossed with lelf.

>An odd race, the Rollers, are rarely seen wandering the world.
>They don't speak like regular humans, instead saying things like 'I roll to seduce' or 'I explain the situation to the king'.
>They even fight weird.
>Instead of swords, they throw a small dice, proclaim 'I roll to attack' and wait until the dice has stopped rolling.
>After that, cuts or bruises appear on the target, which is slung away from where the blows are coming from, all without the Roller moving beyond picking up his dice block.
>Some say they're not even born, just appear out of nowhere.

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His only nice idea is that Shiji died because he was born without a spine, I still haven't recovered my sides

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>But it was not function

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So, everyone can probably agree that power creep fucked over the Yu-Gi-Oh meta, aye? You can't use the old sets against newer ones without cherry picking the OP cards.
What if i told you that i've had a stupid idea on how to fix this...by adding another gimmicky meta to the existing one?

Hear me out.
First of all, you get a new zone to the field.
Stage Zone, onto which monster cards can be played into, placed between Spell/Trap zones and Monster Zone.
Any monster cards in the stage zone can attack any monster on the field unless blocked by card effects, or blocked from attacking a stage zone card by a monster zone card, but cannot attack the opponent's LP directly.
Cards on the stage zone can only be attacked if the attacking card has direct line of sight in either cardinal or diagonal direction without crossing another card.

And the second piece of meta - Event Spells, played on to a slot next to the
To cast an Event Spell, the player must first have a specific (amount of) monsters on the stage zone as written on the card.
Similar to fusions or XYZ, but without losing the monsters.
Event Spells last a number of turns during which their effects are activated as free actions.
For a mock up, the Event Spell Dark Magic Research requires three cards with 'Dark Magician' in the name. The Spell lasts six turns, during which the player can, say, search from their deck any spell or trap cards depicting anyone from the Dark Magician line, or any 'Dark Magic' cards, and any Dark-element Spellcaster cards get a boost to their attack or defence values.
Another mockup, the Event Spell 'Ganbare Goe-Goe' requires 'Goe-Goe the Gallant Ninja', 'Lady Ninja Yae', 'Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke' and 'Masked Ninja Ebisu'. lasts 8 turns and allows the player to search for any card depicting any character featured in the cards required, or maybe special summon possible Impact cards, and boost attack values of any card with Ninja in the name.


>pic unrelated

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>tfw you forget your face

Jewelled Helm of Warlord Alachan

An old gladiatorial helmet worn by warlord Alachan during her time as a Stornian gladiatorial slave, it was studded with jewels by her court engraver in an effort to alleviate the pain brought back by her memories of the blood-soaked colosseum. In truth, Alachan was having the time of her life in the colosseum and considers the jewelling a tribute to her past. The helm itself embolsters the wearer and imbues him with bravery as long as he stands tall in an arena.

Ryukami Geode

An old amethyst geode with images of four dragon gods carved onto it's walls, two on each side. It was used as a ritual focus for oracles wishing to commune with the dragon gods, and a different ritual was to be conducted for each dragon. Assuming someone knew the proper rituals, the dragon gods would be happy getting some new followers after such a long time, that they might just offer wishes to whomever called upon them.

Stratoshield and Bowstring Sword

An odd combination of violin and weaponry, these two items were most commonly wielded by followers of either Paramoura, goddess of music and romance, or Rumjack, god of music and combat. The two orders had great disagreements over theology and ideology, but these were never used in combat between the two, instead being used to calm battles or inspire troops. The enchantments on this particular set greatly expand the range the wearer's music can be heard in.


A figurine made of brass-coated pewter. It was cursed to give it's bearer a huighly physical form of split personality, one completely in opposition to the wearer's natural one. The longer the idol is carried, the more the personality progresses in power, until, depending on the other personality's morality, may either eradicate the original personality or physically separate from him, becoming a living being in their own right. It's maker is unknown.

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>80 vulkans

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>tfw I don't even own a cellphone and the first level is boring

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Gepet's Grimoire

An old book written by Gepet the Joyful, a necromancer and conjurer who retired from magic to work as a toymaker, to confer his knowledge to the next in his lineage.
It's unknown what happened to Gepet on his deathbed, but no body was ever recovered, and only to book was found next to a small, ever-extending list of potential inheritors.
As it's magic proved too strong to simply leave be, the grimoire was bound by thick rope woven from yggdra oak fibers and sheltering talismans were nailed to it's cover.
At the time, these bindings seemed enough, but today the tome leaks little bits of magic, and may convert second-rate books into little pieces of itself, dubbed Gepet Fragments.
At times, muffled muttering and the occasional old curse can be heard and seen spoken by the face on the grimoire, thought to depict Gepet himself.

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Holy shit

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Here's one. I have no idea what this thing is, but it's been keeping me up all night.

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I love me some good, old fashioned tactical combat in RPGs with the typical mechanics of rounds, actions, damage on hit points and so on. Lately I've developed an interest in alternatives to that though and I'm looking for suggestions to read through.
I'm not looking for games that completely waive conflic or combat rules or cut them down to simple "just do one roll to resolve the entire thing", but stuff like Burning Wheel and by extend Mouseguard, where conflicts are still codified by rules, decisions are to be made and combat isn't just purely freeform. Apart from those two and Dogs in the Vineyard, any other good systems to look at for this stuff?

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>Ranger, Favored Enemy (Demons)

>Alignment Neutral Evil

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