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here during heresy

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You don't know how much I want this as a 1K Sons player.

You don't fucking know.

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magnus the red did it

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I love me too. Have some pre-wolves-shitting-on-everything Prospero

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> Magnus was the only one who could possibly, r knows how, to revive The Emperor.

> Magnus went over to Chaos.

All thanks to Leman Russ.

How do you feel about this Wolf fags ?

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Goddamit you beat me to it.

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Thousand sons

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A Thousand Sons was rather good in my opinion, but im a Thousand Sons fan so YMMV.

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It's funny how Grey Knights are said to be using sorcery over and over in their codex. Like, not psyker powers or some other type of speaking through flowers, they up and admit that they're fucking with the Warp for their own good. It's like this hasn't happened before and lead to a BAD END.

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UseD. They don't do that anymore.

Unless you think this is shitty Poser art.

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