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Rolled 3, 1, 11, 17, 13 = 45

This is the art update.
As you can see i am a rather bad artist, and i was finding standard houses really difficult, so i just wrote 'village' where the village is.

Continue the hunt to find this tribe. Perhaps they can join our glorious tribe and provide lots of technology that so far eludes us. We are a peaceful tribe, but if they unfortunately turn out to be hostile, we will not hesitate to defend our lands...
Make a net out of the rope. We think that there may be many things in the vast waters that we live near, and perhaps we might be able to find all sorts of useful things if we can take nets through them. Nets will also be useful for capturing live animals without fear of them harming us.
Perhaps we could use this rope that we have to attach our Torrogs to our hand carts, so that they can pull them instead of us having to do it.
Go back to where we found some shiny things and look for some more. this time go in larger groups to avoid muggings. We wants the shinys
We must improve our ability to teach our young about all the things that our tribe, under the glorious leader Snag. has learned, as well as the stuff we new before him, i suppose... If we build some form of structure where they could go, and be taught these things from an early age, then perhaps our tribe can develop faster than ever.

(rolling for
1. Find that tribe(2nd attempt, i think?)
2. research nets
3. turn hand carts into 'Torrog drawn carts'
4. search again for crystals and ores
5. build a school)

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These animals with shells we have seen appear to be quite strong, yet delicate. Perhaps if we could capture some, we could use them to do things for us. We shall attempt to lure them to our camp with some Yaffle
Build a fence around our newly modified lands, with gates, an elevated bridge to the higher level, and a retractable crossing from the lower level to the surrounding lands, and a large wooden structure in the middle of the higher level, with walls much thicker than other buildings.
Retry building an enclosure, in case any torrogs come loose before being trained.
Research possible uses for these newly found plant fibers. If we can create ropes, then we can do so much more.
Those vast waters interest our people. We need to find ways of traveling across them, without falling into it.

>also if anyone is good at drawing, can they please redraw this, with some houses in my village? (whether it is on computer, or hand-drawn, i would be very greatful)

(rolling for capturing live torrogs, building a motte and bailey,building animal enclosure, research plant fibers (ropes), research boats)

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