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>Factions is a term that refers to what most players are accustomed to calling "Race" or sometimes more vaguely, "Army"; but is perhaps better interpreted as "Codex". Imperials is -not- a Faction. Adepta Sororitas, Astra Militarum, Imperial Knights, and each type of loyal Space Marine are all individual Factions; for instance.

>The only time this is of particular import is when you are building a Battleforged Army; as your "Combined Arms Detachment" (what we recognize as the standard FOC) must consist of units only from a single Faction (codex)... or, alternatively, -no- Faction. (an option that I suspect will become available somewhere down the line) Savvy?

>Furthermore, your "Allied Detachment" (which is identical to what we know already) must include units only from a single Faction, and that this Faction must be a different one from your "Primary Detachment".

>All in all, it looks as though Combined Arms Detachment, and Allied Detachment are the -only- detachments so far...but that there will be others...and they will have their own, unique, FOCs. They will also have their own requirements and Command Benefits. Some Detachments, for instance, may have the requirement of needing to consist of units taken solely from the Orks Faction...

>Formations, consequently, are also Detachments, but of a very special kind. Formations, consequently, are the -only- kind of Detachment that an Unbound army may take.

>Lastly, with regards to Factions, is that each Codex Supplement is specifically the -same- Faction as the Codex that it is a Supplement for. Codex: Clan Raukan -is- the same Faction as the Space Marines Faction. Codex: Iyanden is the same Faction as the Eldar Faction. So yeah, you can't have an Allied Detachment of Crimson Slaughter to your Primary Detachment of Chaos Space Marines...but you really don't need to...you can take a Crimson Slaughter Combined Arms Detachment instead.

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Shooting rules from someone who has the WD

>Units now shoot based on the weapon they're holding. E.g., the Flamer shoots and resolves all wounds, then the Bolters in the unit shoot and resolve all wounds. So on and so forth until all eligible weapons have been fired.

>No more 'my Bolter has 24" range so my Flamer wounds can apply to models up to 24" away." This is huge.

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>People getting into

Pick one, enjoy playing a format it took SCG less then 5 years to murder.

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>I can confirm that 7th edition will be released on 24th of may. As off today all rulebooks are removed from the shop floors and known lossed.

>I think the pre order date for the new rule book is the 24th. So sale on the week after. Most shops should have a poster with a commissar on it in there shops. And the date 24th war is coming or something in those lines.

>Just seen an email sent to all GW store managers at 8.40pm last night advising them to remove the 40k rulebook from their stores on Wednesday as it isn't to be sold anymore. If customers ask for it they are to advise them to check out white dwarf.

>All the UK store managers are in their managers meeting today so I am sure will be getting their full brief on what is happening.

>I can definitely confirm the Managers meeting. It'll be interesting to see when this turns up in White Dwarf though. Because doing it in WDW14 robs the second set of Wood Elf models of it's thunder.

7th Edition wasn't going to happen for another 2-3 years they said

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>You can spend up to 25% of your points on secondary forces. Allies, regiments of renown, fortifications and mystic terrain are part of this category. You can only take allies from a single army book, including your own, and they count against both the limits for their category and the secondary force limit. You can mix regiments, towers and terrain as you like and they only count against the secondary budget.

>You have the option to take units from your own list because you can change your secondary contingent before the game. You can prepare up to three army lists, but the main contingent has to be the same.

>You bring a 750 point list and three 250 point secondary lists to a 1000 point game. 800 points/ 3x 200 points would be ok, too. But 600/ 3x400 would not.

>Of course you can opt out, but this is clearly how the design team wants us to pursue our hobby.

>You can do this before you meet up for the game. We live in the digital age after all.

>No, you cannot mix your own units and units from an allied army list as part of your secondary forces. Only one ally is allowed. In 40k, you can combine an ally with formations from other codices, but there are no formations in fantasy.

>The secondary detachment or force can consist of one ally and as many other units, formations, titans, etc that are not labeled as an ally.

>40k has similar rules, yes. 7th edition 40k uses a percentage system, too. min 20% troops, max 25% HQ, elite, fast attack, heavy support and secondary detachment.


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OP, pic related is my reaction to seeing that tank

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Oh no!!!
One of us will be fired.

Thank God i have no sbscription. :D

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>January - Dwarfs
>February - Imperial Guard - First Wave
>March - Imperial Guard - Second Wave
>April - Wood Elves & new GW Page/Shop
>May - Orks (40k)
>June - Bretons
>July - WHFB 9th Edition Rulebooks & Starter Set
>August - Space Wolves
>September - Orcs & Goblins - First Wave
>October - Orcs & Goblins - Second Wave

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Okay, thanks a lot!
I didn't notice it before, but now that you point it out it's pretty obvious.

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I hope you can shoot them to explode

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What color is Kroot Blood?

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>Play Deathwatch expansion
>Spend first few turns getting set up, learning about the space around me
>I'm basically right next to Farsight's enclave, so constant Ork vs. Tau warfare
>Also an Eldar Craftworld is passing by and they're helping out the Tau
>God tier Scouts with as much XP as a veteran marine. Insane stealth, hacking systems, all sorts of things
>Get ideas
>Scouts infiltrate a Tau Spaceport and, through a series of bullshit rolls, capture a Manta Destroyer.
>Send the Manta towards the Eldar Craftworld. Open up with all guns, blasting thrusters on full
>Leave in a Devilfish and coast towards the Watch's Strike Frigate for pickup
>Manta crashes into Eldar Craftworld at thousands of kilometers per second, releasing the energy of a large melta-torpedo.
>Eldar turn on their erstwhile allies, start attacking the Tau on their planet
>Orks take the opportunity to crash a pair of Rokks into the Craftworld and turn it into an all out battlefield.
>Spend the next twenty turns destabilizing things whenever the war calms down
>All three are worn down and at war when an Imperial Crusade spearheaded by the Black Templars crashes into the system and wrecks face with all three.
>mfw i expanded the imperium's holdings for the first time in the history of the Deathwatch

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and this

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suuuuure you did

an amazing book of wonder and uselessness

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Because 40k is a beer and pretzels game where an emphasis on painting, modeling, fluff, and campaigning

In 40k a Cultist Champion can defeat a Dark Eldar Archon and ascend to a Daemon Prince.

Can anything like that happen in Warmahordes?

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This thread is amazing

Tezzeret's Gambit
Faithless Looting
Goblin Grenade

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>Be DM
>Run a monster campaign
>Turns out I only get two players
>We have an Ogre Barbarian and an Awakened Donkey Rogue
>Decide the local lord has demanded that the Ogre, after defeating his knights when he was supposed to be executed, will be sent off to retreive his lady love
>Create awesome map; goddamned castle surrounded by a ring of lava in an active volcano
>Princess is guarded by a dragon; it's just there to provide tension, not be fought.
>Players split up; Barbarian somehow plans on handling the dragon while the Rogue looks for the girl.
>Get mixed up; Rogue encounters dragon, Barbarian encounters girl. So the Barbarian just takes the girl and runs. The Rogue, though, gets captured by the dragon
>Player weighs his options, seems to think for a few minutes
>Suddenly says "I roll to seduce the dragon"
>Tosses the die
>Literally as his die is in the air I'm just thinking "oh god what"
>Now this is where I tell you he rolled a natural 20 and you all freak out. He rolled a 17. Which, with his modifiers(why does a donkey have 17 charisma) was actually enough.
>Mfw my a donkey seduced a dragon

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We're just as retarded now, no one knows how their daily life stuff works

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This is a good site I learned of for learning the basics, among other things. Playing casually doesn't mean you have to play badly.

6E rulebook looks like this, at least 100+ pages.

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