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first for Eldar are delicious~

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Awh, bummer, I dont have any of those. "I got aspect warriors like a LOSER

Huh, Ill look at them but I prefer to keep things fluffy (especially with how unbalanced the meta is now... all you can do is play for fun), so Ill probably play with Biel-Tan rules.

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>Them being as skilled as Space Marines or aspect warriors is more bullshit.

How is a race famous for its superhuman grace and experience being as skilled as a marine bullshit? Many guardians are former aspect warriors as eldar adopt and cast aside the warrior persona depending on what path they must walk.

An aspect warrior is still more skilled due to his tonne of special rules and marines aren't supposed to be more skilful than eldar, they're supposed to be tougher and stronger. That's what makes aspects/marines superior.

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Do not buy Dire Avengers. They aren't the 5 man+ Wave Serpent autopick they were in 5th, and they just got that fucking awful repackaging from 10 models to 5 models at the same fucking price.

Go with Windrider Jetbikes, Guardians in Wave Serpents, and maybe some Rangers. Don't fall for GW's tricks.

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I want to start Eldar, what are some good start builds with the new codex? Should I use the vanilla codex or the Iyandan one? Also, are Ulthwe builds viable with the new update?

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I know this might piss people off, but I think it'd be good if they replaced Dire Avengers with Guardians, giving them their stats and pretty much the same wargear options as corsairs.

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When you think about Guardians really show how tough Eldar are. They're not even trying to be good fighters and the walk over guardsman, the products of relentless drilling and training, like they were moving in slow motion. Must be cool being naturally awesome.

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>Path of the Potter

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Sorry about the delay, my internet decided to fuck itself up a little bit...

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coming up.

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Sup /tg/
there doesn't appear to be one on the front page, so army list thread.

ill start

1250pt Craftworld Eldar list
Autarch w/power weapon,banshee mask
Dire avengers, 5 & Waveserpent stones scatterlasers
Dire Avengers, 5 & Waveserpent stones scatterlasers
Fire Dragons, 5 & Waveserpent stones Bright Lance
Fire Dragons, 5 & Waveserpent stones Bright Lance
Fire Dragons, 5 & Waveserpent stones Bright Lance

War Walkers, 1 Shuricannons x2
War Walkers, 1 Shuricannons x2
War Walkers, 1 Shuricannons x2


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GEoM you'd better have been writing while the site was down.

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