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I shall continue to bump this Library of absolute awesomeness with some... stuff.

Maybe you appreciate the effort. I am always interrested in more and new 40K art.

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Dear Sirs,

today i am in a giving mood, so i decided to share something with you.

This Link:

Will take you to my Warhammer Ebook collection. There are quite some other nice books to be found, but the biggest batch (over 100) are 40K fiction.

I will keep this thread alive for a bit and i'd love to see some good Warhammer 40K Art, Wallpapers preferred.

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I compiled that collection just for me. But after i saw how many ppl here seem to like Warhammer just like me and seeing how hard it is to come by some of the older books i thought it might be a benefit to someone.

As far as i can say it is the biggest collection of warhammer books online. And i really searched...

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