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imagine that suddenly and out of fucken' nowhere the darkmech got a full codex, and all the model support such a variant-army needs. What would you want out of it?

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40K explanation. Robots are somehow vilified or otherwise ultimately more expensive than just throwing human bodies at the problem until it's solved.

Alternatively, is there any real reason for the player characters to NOT be robots?

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hahahaha how the fuck is heresy real like fleshthing just recite the canticles ahhahahahahahhahah just use the xenotech bro

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Casting spells is so boring.

I just want to craft large mechanical suits and then enchant them to increase their physical material properties past what would be possible.

And maybe occasionally summon demons to cram into the suits as power sources.

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That'd work nicely - you don't incur dual wielding penalties unless you swing with both on your own turn. Your ballistic skill is garbage, though, and even if you get a targeter, a motion predictor, and all manner of other upgrades and gubbins, you'll get mixed results from it. I'd definitely keep some kind of ranged weapon around, preferably fullauto so you can Suppress and not have to worry about hit chance, but for actual reliance I'd use a melee weapon.
That's a grey area and up to your GM. Given the 'counts as an Unbalanced sword' wording I'd allow it, but a lot of the time a bayonet is classed as a "melee attachment" and I consider it to be a separate weapon.

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you better keep posting that storytime stuff or else you're a heretic

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Why, knowing the arcane secrets of both the Machine and the Arcane, of course!

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"Yeah, yeah, fucking yeah. One second."

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In both cases thrown away, you do realize to any competent tech adept the these sacks of crap are a dime a dozen.

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Now since I haven't seen it, what would a HERETEK do if he found Cybertron
>Look at all these machines
>Look at all this progress
>Look at all this corruptible machine progress

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Now I'm just posting ad much pictures.
Can't wait till they do civil war on mars. Dark mechanicus is my dream.

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I'm looking mostly for the hereteks.

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So in light of these questions about worlds I was curious. They state that most Forge Worlds are so condensed with factories and toxic fumes that most water has been removed or so toxic it obviously can't be consumed.

So I was wondering, does their food and water come from an external source? Or do they just have factories and some sort of advanced greenhouse for making sustenance? I know this is the kind of thing you're supposed to overlook in such an unrealistic fantasy, but I just wondered if there is a stated solution to this problem of no natural resources for a planet chalked full of workers.

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So what's your theory then? I'm genuinely curious.

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You're in luck, Mechanicus is what I have the most of. Also some Hereteks.

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Also Hereteks and Admech in general.

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please help me.... D:

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Are you talking about those bolts on the neck plate?

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