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Those drunken re-rolls deserve their own "Risk Table", something like this.
>You've gotten so drunk you've mistaken a pair of cakes for a pair of tits and slammed your face right into them. Unexpectedly, the cake screams out loud in shock. Turns out it was actually a high level Ooze Wizard in disguise (polymorphed) and the waitress carrying it was being mind-controlled to take him up to the room he "bought", so he can take a rest after being constantly harassed by an insane cult who believe that by ritually sacrificing Ooze creatures they can resurrect their Ooze god.

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Also, posting more wenches.

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>while everyone else drowns themselves in prostitutes.

Isn't that what being an adventurer is all about?

Also, RUN THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT GAME. Nothing good will come of it.

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Have these breast-cakes.

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>A dozen of their songs.

I gift to you two cakes.

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See, that's bad business. We didn't waste our money on hiring whores for the night. Instead the party pooled our gold and we opened up our very own brothel! Barbrawls and hoes all the time!

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Goddamn, I love the art and humor in this game. It's completely insane.

Here's some art from the expansion that's coming out with GenCon, no clue on the card it's for.

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