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The brethren moons will become the barren moons

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Forget perks, go the mad scientist route! Build yourself a massive gravity pump to hold the moon in between you and the sun, guaranteeing a total solar eclipse no matter where you wander! Tell that sun to go fuck off as you bathe in glorious twilight.

I guess you could do the same thing with sufficiently powerful telekinetic abilities, but why strain yourself when you can build a machine to do it for you! Add in levers that do nothing! Self-Destruct buttons for you to blunder into when the heroes try to stop you! Practice your maniacal laugh!

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Will Battlefleet Gothic come back some day?

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How would you fluff a Forgeworld that specializes in making Exterminatus weapons?

I was thinking of making an investigation focused around one such planet. My idea was for the populace to be very dour and depressing, seeing their work as un-honorable. Taking some inspiration from the reactions pf the guys who made the atomic bomb to its eventual detonation.

Also, would it be reasonable to say that such a planet's true purpose would be such an incredible well kept secret? Was going to have the party start in the dark about what the planet makes, with anyone they ask responding with just "munitions."

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Then why was Kyras's exterminatus of an entire sub-sector an acceptable enough sacrifice to become a daemon prince?

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Exterminatus Mission when?

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For me, Simple



> Go to Sci Fi Setting
>Find Planet of Warlike Spider People
>Pic Related

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sure thing Thor.

rock, paper, scissors; over who gets to push the button?

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Since the last thread seems to be malfunctioning, I decided to go ahead and make a new one.

Commorragh, but I'm saving it for after I get my spark. I'm going to lead an Imperium fleet there personally in the Light of Terra, and help them bomb the entire city into galactic dust.

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I really like games in general that make it easy to see how your character compares to real people, especially if they have powers or abilities that would be useful in real life. World of Darkness is good for that. Exalted is slightly worse, because most of its powers are combat focused (good for the game, less good for the "this would be awesome in real life" fantasy).

I also like games that give the player character a position of power within the setting. They don't need to be demigods, but it's nice when they have allies, people who respect them, and resources at their disposal straight off the bat rather than being unlocked gradually with every other type of character progress. Rogue Trader is fantastic for that; how many games let you start with 100000 followers and a ship that can shatter planets, and then set you use that to go on adventures.

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So tell me, /tg/, what exactly would be the grounds for an exterminatus?

In my DH game, we've found a planet on which the main trading city is infested with a genetically altered tyranid parasitic vine(Everyone in the city was infected with it), the town we fled to was surrounded by more nids(we believe) and orks, and several of the guardsmen living there talked about eating ork flesh. We went to explore the now-abandoned xeno research facility the tyranid vine was apparently made in, and inside we found 2 heretek techpriests(one of which we killed, the other of which escaped), and 3 former acolytes who we now know were also heretics; all but the still living techpriest absconded to the lower levels of the facility while we were distracted, and there's still a load of 'blissvine' zombies wandering around the place. There's also the final acolyte from their group and the only non-heretic(as far as we know), a cleric who turns out to have some latent psychic healing abilities and is unsanctioned. The techpriest we didn't kill managed to find a shuttle hidden in the city and escape offworld.

We have all put a lot of consideration in to finding a ship so we can get the hell offworld, then calling in an exterminatus. Would it actually happen, or would we just be laughed at from across the void?

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This place is infected by Horsefucker taint... And where such infection lies, I have all the authority I need.

In the name of the Immortal God-Emperor and by the grace of the Golden Throne, I hereby declare Exterminatus on this thread, thereby consigning a billion souls to Oblivion

The Emperor protects.

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