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Long story short I accidentally made two identical orders on BL and have contacted them. I have contacted them and explained the situation, asking them for a cancellation and refund on the identical order. Will they give it? I know it's not exactly a /tg/ question but I figure this is the best board to ask

Also general Warhammer reading thread while we are at it to make it worth while. I'm working on Ciaphas Cain. Never before had I thought IG could be so good.

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This thread got me thinking, could the palace armories still have a lot of aerotech? We know that the custodes had jetbikes, contemptors, and cata termi armor, hell they even had grav rhinos. I'm willing to bet there are custodes contemptors left over from the Hersey days still guarding the emperor.

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here have the full sized picture at least

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fool! bask in the glory of the true full version

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Aren't the Alpha Legionnaires supposed to be secretly good guys?
That looks pretty much straight-up evil.

And who are the factions in this pic?

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purging demons falls under Adeptus Sororitas jurisdiction, right?

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