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Technically we're all republicans over here. Me, and the players. Except that one guy. He's a "libertarian." And we feel no more kinship to mister Goodkind than you do, I assure you.

My feelings mirror yours in this. Also, Khal Drogo, or whatever it is we're calling the bad guy with the rape and the chains, was a pretty awesome villain in spite of himself.

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I hated Nikki so much that I was cheering for Khal Drogo at times.
And this is a guy whose entire character is being a pimping, rapist murderous madman.

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The Ultramarines won my respect with the Zeist campaign. The Tau don't get what's coming to them nearly enough-that was a beautiful chapter in Imperial history.

First Cato Sicarius raped them. Then other chapters heard there was a rape party going on, and then all rushed on in, and then even the Imperial Guard got to plunder a few colons while they were there.

And then, as those bruised, beaten, bleeding little blue faggots limped back to their space, the Marines stopped them, ripped T'ros off of the Ethereal's finger, informed him that he should probably get himself checked for HIV, and then sauntered off with all of their retaken worlds.

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In this visual aid to Imperial-Tau relations, Jubal Khan is played by Khal Drogo, who had this to say on the subject of whether or not you would be raped by the White Scars if you betray the Imperium to join their small, inferior "Empire."


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How does one deal with barbarians?

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