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Hey man, every single marine is a hundreds of years old super human who can survive the vacuum of space, eat brains to gain knowledge, and is immune to poison.

It's only fitting that their weapons are incredibly goddamn rare and important.

They've got to be so incredibly over-the-top amazing. Otherwise, why would my Kabal spend so much effort capturing them?

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Havocs are better than Predators. Autocannon spam = best spam.

Looks great! Drop a warrior and pick up a 5pt upgrade somewhere to not be cheaty.

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Do you paint your models on the sprues or after assembly?

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I think one thing worth noting is that our games are usually closer than this one. In fact, he's won the last two or three usually by one or two objective.

Last game, I had a 145 point Archon with a 2++ invul get killed by overwatch fire from 12 or so cultists with autoguns.

In this game, for instance, I really wasn't expecting his Daemon Prince to go down so easily. I half expected to be ignoring it 2/3rds of the game and shooting marines off of objective.

In fact, those wyches are mostly there to assault some troop choice on an objective, then go to ground for the rest of the game. I'm not sure what to think of how that panned out.

The Archon's squad got wiped the turn after it disembarked and the Succubus's squad would've eaten 20 or so bolter shots next turn, likely wiping them out, even with Feel No Pain.

Do we think Wracks would be a safer investment?

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Landraiders that are immune to melta is pretty nice.

If ya want I'll put a note about cheese in guard too. Any other tweaks, before we just throw it at newbies?

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Troll or not, this is the most interesting thread at the moment.

Generally each army has two or three ways that they are played very well, but lots of the small unit tactics comes down to you and what gear you give to each squad.

Take fast dudes, be fast. Take shooty dudes, be shooty, etc.

Sisters of Battle are all about flamers, melta, and missiles. They're... hard to describe. They suffer from having one list syndrome though. Their good stuff is amazing, most other options are meh.

Necrons have all the cool technology, are resilient, and have strong melee options. You'll hear lots about their flyers.

Grey Knights are "the best of the best." You'll always be outnumbered, but chances are each of your dudes is significantly better than whatever the other guy has.

All flavors of marine generally have a good mix of a variety of options. Each can do just about anything alright, but has one or two specialties.

Space Wolves do generic marines best.

Dark Angels do bikes best.

Dark Templar do Landraiders and swarms of marines best.

Blood Angels do jump infantry best.

Vanilla Marines do Thunderhammer Terminators cheapest and have the most options.

Chaos... kinda lacks mobility, but does very well in the value department. Cultists, helldrakes, and generic marines are nifty.

Chaos Daemons are random as all heck (you've got no control over when parts of your army show up, or even if they do at all), but generally have really good value.

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He's one of the better ubercharacters in the game. So long as you protect him from ap 1 or 2 stuff. It's pretty common to buy a landraider and have Mephiston hide behind it.

Well, he can fly, bump his strength to 10, has a force weapon, has really good stats, and is all around a solid dude.

He can't really deal with terminators anymore though.

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There's an idea called active penance. Basically, if you fail, try harder. Go out and do right, go make a difference in the world.

Would you feel better in a more active role? Perhaps crusading for a cause? I mean, you could always try asking your god for guidance.

You could take a page from Joan of Arc's book and try to lead by example. Perhaps take the leadership feat, put your money into a militia of peasants, and raise a goddamn army to lead into righteous battle.

Not a bad place to put that money you've been turning down. You can use gains from an amoral act in order to benefit a moral cause.

Or... maybe take that vow of poverty feat?

Perhaps your purpose is to mitigate the sheer amount of evil your party would cause without your help?

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That's a pretty good summary. That said, don't discount our melee options. DE can't outshoot say... Tau or Guard very well, but we easily trounce them in melee.

It may be worth it to bring a fortification along with Dark Eldar because you really *do* rely that much on having cover. The Bastion does well, the Aegis is a cheaper alternative for infantry.

Tau have amazing guns, but terrible accuracy. To make up for this, they use Markerlights to do things like decrease cover, make a shot more accurate, and the like.

Their vehicles are hard to kill thanks to getting Shrouded and a Jink save. Generally, they take Kroot or allies to stand in-between their expensive guns and the enemy.

They have trouble if their markerlights get disabled or if the enemy can cover lots of ground quickly.

That said, Tau also have a variety of support for Deepstriking units, and Pirahnas & Devilfish can serve really well as fast harassment vehicles.

Most Tau games will see you holding your rear objective, shooting the opponent to pieces, and trying to take an unguarded objective from the enemy.

Crisis suits and Broadsides are amazing. Firewarriors are pretty nifty with their str 5 30" rapid fire guns.

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Combat works like this:

1. Declare that unit x is assulting unit y.

2. Unit y shoots their overwatch.

3. Unit x rolls their charge distance, if the closest model can get ino b2b move the unit up to however many inches you rolled.

4. Declare and accept challenges.

5. At a model's initiative step, move that model 3" into the combat if it isn't yet in b2b.

6. Models get to attack at this point if they are within 2 inches of a friendly model in b2b.

And other steps... but 5 and 6 should answer your question.

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Man 40k threads don't do very well here

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Yeah, seems Wyches really need a special character tagging along to be a threat. I've had some luck with 5 of 'em in a Venom as a sacrificial unit.

Got any idea about worthwhile infiltrators from another codex?

10 Harlies and a Farseer were pretty helpful to me in the last Con I played in. In every game 'cept against Guard, where I accidentally forgot to deploy 'em and they had to walk onto the board on turn 3.

I'm fine with playing to win, an playing hard. The list though, seems to be the sticking point.

OP's Turn 1:
So, turn 1, My Raider moves up, and fearful of the Vindicator I only kick out the Haemy. His portal goes up on the right. My few lances immobilize the 2nd Vindicator in the Middle.

Ork guy runs to middle objective. His Lootas and Battlewagon stun an Exorcist.

My beast squads move into more forward cover.

My Splinter Cannons have nothing to shoot at. :(

Imperial Turn 1:
Exorcists and Lascannon Pred blow up the Loota's Battlewagon. The remainin Lootas eat some heavy bolter fire. The Trueborn on the road get shot at, but one survives the turn by going to ground and rolling a 6.

The Rhinos move to the right, some sisters move towards the upper left corner's objective.

The Drop Pod arrives and reduces one boy squad on the right hand side to a nob and 2 boyz.

My Haemy got ignored! His Warlord trait is to reroll my reserve rolls!

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It actually has taken 2 big tournaments, and was run by the same guy.

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>Why can't I hold all this mad?

It happens bro. It happens.

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Then go ahead and paint them pink.
Your call.

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Pic related.

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Spess Mehreens, HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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Ooh, ooh, do this guy!

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Like this.

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Anyone up for some chapter creation?

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