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Rolled 94

"No, they ripped the Ebon Lance back and tossed it to Aeshma. I know, I just... really liked that gun... huh?" Mustadio's reply is cut off as the fog flows over him and the rest of the team, cutting them off from each other with opaque gray mist.

"Poor little engineer," Mislaato whispers, stepping forth from the mists, all battle damage erased. She smiles at Mustadio and closes the distance between them with a single languid step, putting a hand on his when it reaches for his pistol.

"No, no..." she says, smiling, before winking and pushing herself against him. A hand caresses his cheek. "That's not the sort of gun you want to use on me."

"Lady, you make my skin crawl," Mustadio swears, pulling away. Mislaato smiles wickedly.

"I've been told that before. Mmmm. Perhaps you'd like me better if I looked like... this?" Mislaato asked, her form shining and shifting, Mustadio forced to look away for a moment from the light. He gasped when his vision returned.

"Mustadio..." Agrias purred as she stepped forward, clad not in armor, but in an especially skimpy variant of the Dancer uniform.

"A...Ag..." the engineer muttered, shaking his head. "No! I'm not dumb, I know that's not her!"

"But you WANT it to be her," Mislaato in Agrias' form said, leaning against Mustadio's arm. He looked away again and Mislaato gently took his chin and forced his head towards her. Her voice was just a whisper now. "Want... that's something I know a lot about. This form isn't her... but it could be."

"You..." Mustadio weakly said. He did not pull away.

"You want so many things, little engineer. These eyes to gaze into yours..." Agrias/Mislaato's arms moved around his back, embracing him. "These arms holding onto, tightly... A sheen of sweat in the night, soft skin on yours. And..."

Mustadio stared blankly.

"Three tiny words to set your soul on fire..." Agrias/Mislaato whispered, inching her head forward, opening her lips. "I... love..."

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Yeah, but it's not like it was a professional job.

The cast mark should be showing like that, the only problem tattoos are the ones on the breasts and the left arm, they cross over in ways that wouldn't make sense viewed from any other angle.

I still like it though.

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Maybe so, but so is winter, fall, and spring

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I would use my Godly powers so i would no longer need to have sex, maybe not even have genitalia but still have the same ammount of hormones, maybe more.

A life of freedom of thought, no longer will i give a rat's ass about this chick.

Captcha: Lord spacesse

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Fuck yes, you are the best female character in tactics.

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versatile you say

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This is your Bard.

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I request a skinless, fatless elephant (a la dwarf fortress) strangling a dragon to death (just the neck and up on the dragon will suffice).

Tits as payment.

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