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Because there's still some cool ways to do them, like the Vanir, or monstergirl elves.

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>A) A crate of arquebuses, the latest in firearm technology
>D) An Andaluzian military engineer, someone with practical knowledge in erecting defenses - and taking them apart

You opt for the guns and the goblin. Firearms are now considered to be an integral part of the modern fighting force, though their adoption is uneven and slow. The predominantly goblin state of Al-Andaluz is perhaps the most volatile and war torn nation in Assar, constantly fending off attacks from Merida to the north and Fez to the south, and it is renowned for its impressive fortifications and siege weaponry. An Andaluzian military engineer is said to be worth more than his weight in gold, which is no doubt why the Sultan presented him to you as a parting gift.

There is one more consideration before you leave, though, and that's the question of where, exactly, you're going to go. The New World is a big place, clearly larger than Assar, but much of it is already claimed. Merida has nearly the whole southern continent to itself, with limited Andaluzian competition. Still, that's largely because no one else is willing to finance expeditions there, as the southern continent is hot, humid, and dangerous. Organized, hostile natives still inhabit large parts of the interior and the wildlife isn't anything sneeze at either. Most colonists are headed for somewhere in the northern continent. Agatha holds the largest colonies, followed by Dalarna, and then Kunigsberg. The north is significantly colder, but also nearly completely untapped – and unmapped. Little is known about the interior of the north, except that there are natives there too.

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