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Good, good. A wonderful thing. Now why don't you come here and enjoy the fruits of your successful realisation. I promise it'll be wonderful.

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Freshly provisioned and now reasonably certain that we had eluded further pursuit, we continued on our path towards the heart of Albero Città. We still had a few days to go, but we were definitely nearing the heart of the small nation. That evening, as we set up camp, I told everyone about the archer, Gaël, and his “interesting” interpretation of events. Aimée was tickled pink to hear that she was a succubus and threatened/offered to “suck my soul dry” if I let my guard down. Martina was somewhat offended by the fact that she wasn’t the main star of the story and felt that she should have had a larger role. I promised that next time we fight a band of mercenaries I’ll let her take center stage. Siegbert was laughing his arse off after hearing both versions of events and Sieghild said that she wanted her own place in the next story, “I could do a decent valkyrie or something. Coming down to aid the fallen and all that in a heavenly glow. Don’t you think?”

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Allrighty then, I accept the challenge and play devils advocate. Let me present to you: Mind Control and Morality, by Pete, the Mind-Controlling Wizard.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with mind control, as long as you use it responsively. To be honest, it is the only moral way to deal with those deemed "iredeemable" by common standards. Might I introduce to you Lady Xarath, former Demon Princess of the Burning Mountain. She caused alot of trouble back in the day, stirring up wars, plundering, taking slaves for blood sacrifices, all that stuff. Well my old travelling companions had different ideas how to deal with her, once she was defeated. Korgoth, a simple man of brute strength and unflinching valor said we should kill her and be done with it. Sir Theobald, paladin of the Lawgiver urged that she should be imprisoned for eternity, for she would no longer be a threat secured in such a fashion. I rejected both those ideas because punishment and revenge does not right any wrongs. I knew a different way, a better way. Look at her now, is she not content and also quite useful? It took me only three days of work to remake her. Now she can live out the rest of her days happily and is no threat to anyone. Also I quite enjoy her foot massages."

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Wanna come home and play a few games?

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Black Hair. Pale skin...I'm boring.

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I really wanna know. Seriously.

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Self-loathing or "community is so bad I want to vomit"?

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Yay! Succubus!

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So how do you define fiends in your fantasy games /tg/? Do you follow D&D and Pathfinder which segregate them by race with alignment and plane origin (demons-devils-daemons/yugoloths)? Or do you they all categorized as one race with multiple species with no fixed evil alignment? Personally I prefer the latter and I don't see a reason to separate them by race with fixed alignments.

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You've made a terrible mistake. You were expecting a cat or maybe some sort of bird. You summoned a lesser demon, instead. One that wasn't bound in any particular way..

"I was just trying to summon my first familiar.." you squeak out, shrinking back away from her, "I'm still figuring out this whole magic thing.." The Succubus lets out a low whistle, "Color me, impressed then, girl. I wasn't expecting a clueless amateur to throw around that much magic.. You must be some sort of wild prodigy. I'm a little disappointed, though. I was hoping some drunk old coot had gotten tired of lonely nights in his tower, or something.."

You shake your head, "This is my first day using magic.." Never lie to demons. You'd read that somewhere.. or heard it. Nonetheless, it seemed like good advice. You resolved to be honest with her and began explaining the gender curse, the crazy ass-wizard lady, the dress, the magic, the voices, the conflicting feelings, and everything else.

As you explained, the Succubus stepped closer. Right out of the circle. Fuck. Your story seemed to interest her greatly. Her approached made you inch back until you stumbled and sat on your bed, and as you continued explaining she eventually seated herself beside you. She wrapped an arm around your shoulders and her tail around your hips, keeping you pressed close, much to your embarrassment.

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Omnisexual, meaning I am all genders, all sexes, and fuck all genders/sexes. Abusing magic has never been so much fun.

My do. Though only when too many.

I'd give it a go.

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I kind of want to get off to go fap now, but I both want to collect more of her pics to store up like some horny squirrel saving up aporns as well as plan for my Pathfinder game. This is a most /tg/ dilemma.

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We're doing just fine without one, but I do think there is a silver lining to this situation.

Firstly, even if we are just giving into troll bait, users of /tg/ are resolute and likeminded in the idea that this sort of pony shit does not belong. Not because ponies are bad and that we should blindly hate all things MLP, but simply because it is bad content and it is certainly in poor taste to insist that they should be inserted into more things.

Secondly, if this person is not a troll, it simply acts as a discouraging reminder that no amount of quoting old board culture shit ("you don't even need other boards!") will fly here, especially not when we're already toeing the line with a monster girl thread in the first place.

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Succubus? yessss, and here's a bigger version of the succubi pic

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I don't really "get" devils. Shouldn't it be impossible for them to betray each other? Can't archdevils just order everyone beneath them to agree not to betray them in word or deed or implications or anything? Or are devils not bound to their word?

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bumping with a Succubus.

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So we all have a zombie plan. That's all well and good, but what if it's not zombies that attack? How will we defend against other threats such as succubus?

Scenario: One twentieth of Earth's population aged between 16 and 25 are turned into succubus and incubus. These demons will 'attempt to change' (i.e - sex) any they are able to restrain, immediately killing that person or turning them into another of themselves (roughly one in ten is changed, the rest are a withered husk corpse).

These beings are demonic, and while resistant to damage via mundane weapons they can be killed. However, by the time the alarm is up there will be a formidable number of these beings.

Being changed means that your consciousness dies. As the act progresses the victim loses consciousness, and by climax they are generally dead or changed already. Victims aren't a slave or servant, it is as though the person dies and something else is controlling their body from that point.

Powers: Succubus and incubus entrance in two methods: either by pheremones described as an 'aura' around the demon or via gazing directly into one's eyes (glasses do not help). They sap the life energy from victims, gaining strength and a more pronounced 'aura', although this will rarely extend more than a cityblock even if one demon consumes five hundred souls. They can supress this aura at will however, and blend with humans to try infiltrating a stronghold. They have wings and can fly, although rarely at very high altitudes as it is too tiring (they walk just fine however, and can use machinery).

With this in mind, you survive the initial outbreak and are exactly where you are now with what you have. How do you survive the Succubus Apocalypse?

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this one...every time

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