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Are mutants cast out in Bretonnia, Kislev, Tilea, Estalia, Araby, and so on? Yes they're obviously not what they are supposed to be, but are you still persecuted like they are in the Empire? I can't imagine a merchant with goat legs doing well, but would you be treated like a leper or summarily killed?

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When I make fun of RP fags I’m just joking anon.
Hell, they know so much more about lore than me, likely because I obsess over chaos.
I make fun of them, but they do deserve a lot more street cred on here.
Vidya’fags are insufferable.
They just need to chill out with their self-importance rather than RP’ing as old fags because they want to feel included.
I’m prone to say Vidya’fags are the most prone to shitposting in some sense of autistic tantrum because they have nothing to talk about beyond video games.
They can’t really participate in threads because-
>most lore they know is from vidya and wiki
>they have no models to post
>they don’t RP and are out if the loop
Vidya posters are the real problem.
Until they take a chill pill and physically invest in WhFb, be it a book, models, etc. they’ll just keep shitting up the General.

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2e mechanics question, also open to fluff input.

My character is now a mutant, with the Fast mutation. This is 100% unnoticeable physically, but I'm curious if it's detectable magically. Would Magical Senses detect it? Is there some kind of aura of corruption that mutants exude? What about one of those Heresy Imps witch hunters carry, even though he is not a heretic and doesn't even know he's a mutant yet?

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Not OP but I have a WFRP question of my own.

One of my players has been dancing with Chaos for like a year now IRL, doing stuff like wearing the breastplate of a fallen Beastman, making unsavory connections, extremely vain attitude, etc. While his character worships Stromfels as his primary deity instead of any explicit Chaos deities, last session his PC really wanted to manifest the ability to speak Estalian (long story) and asked me privately if he could call upon the powers of Chaos to do so. I ruled that given his past experiences he could if he failed a WP test (which he did), so I let him speak Estalian for IC two days, and not very fluently.

The problem is I had him roll WP again to resist Insanity and passed, so he had no consequences to doing so. It doesn't seem right to call upon Chaos and be rewarded with no consequences. Thoughts?

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Why do those fucking sheep fellate him so much?

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can Chaos Daemon Heralds attach to a troops unit of an opposing god, IE: attach a Herald of Tzench to a blob of plaguebearers?

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Rolled 6 (1d10)

I second that notion.

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>make it lewd
>make fun of high fantasy and also have low fantasy characters die of tuberculosis all the time
>Have angels but no actual demons and unsubtly hint that the angels are the real demons
>Have a necromancer that made a computer out of skeletons holding up fingers
>no humans, instead have elves
>The drow are boring shut-ins who don't like to leave their caves and the wood elves are horrible warlike aggressors
>monstergirls/monsterboys as appropriate for lewds

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Haha! I must have gotten sidetracked.

My thoughts exactly. Looking back I get a big laugh at how everyone in party likes to give Squall shit for being a broodmaster.

Anyway, a bit more on topic. Seriously, Cantrips aren't even that scary. It's just letting a caster have some magic fun when everyone else is doing their thing. One or two of them can compete badly with later level characters. If you want to really impact a fight though you gotta drop spell levels.

Also, if you haven't actually read closely, casters still only have a limited number of spells to choose from any given day. So every Cantrip they want to have access to eats into their options for spending spell levels.

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So guys. Just came back from not having played till 7th edition. I picked up the new daemon book and had a look.

I knew we were unfair in 7th, but what the fuck happened? Outside of the new trike cannon the entire book almost seems utter shit.

And why do we still have these shitty greater daemon models when everyone else gets fuck huge cool plastic monster kits?

Any advice on how to play the new daemon book?

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OP, this is what happens when you stay on the boat too long. People start counting the fucking planks, and when two of them come up with different numbers, all hell breaks loose.

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A follower of a god that embraces the basest emotion of such god only ends as a spawn.

A follower that manages to preserve his individuality will become a champion and with any luck, ascend, but he doesn't get scott-free, for part of him becomes part of his god, and a warrior that was once selective of his opponents might become indiscriminate.

In Fantasy, at least

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Oh fuck yes, thank you once again OP


Of course, and it should be a convoluted mess to melt your brain.

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This should be the main gift. Anyone who can do more definetly should though.

We could also make some of the warhammer designs they made and display them besides our armies, thanking them for all the cool shit they've done for us. At a bare minimum, one of our models with a n origami besides it.



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Man, I remember when quests were more like this instead of the walls of text of today. Truly refreshing.

Now let's deal with that fucking wizard.

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Honestly calling the Necron flyer a croissant is pretty overdone though, and wasn't especially funny in the first place. Then you add an elaborate setup featuring a bad breakfast pun and I mean come ON.

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>their songs would require a full orchestra to replicate.
>Name them after famous composers.

I know we're talking about metal, but I couldn't help but imagine cosmic dragon Holst.

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Heresy indeed, good thing we chaos dwarves now.

Besides, I don't think that many people will migrate to Zhar Naggrund, only us bitter fools who expected the neutrality policy to last.

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I could hardly call the steamtank Grandiose, it was just a tin can that moved thanks to a pretty innovative motor. An engine of the gods' ripoff and a deathray are on an entirely different level.

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Norsca quest?

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Just saying the dawn blade was looked like an actual sword in the old model, now it's more like a knife

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