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Most of them are from the "Inquisitor" narrative skirmish game from around the turn of the century. Horusians, Xanthites, the Puritan/Radical divide, Amalthians, Recongregators, all of those are part of canon.
Oblationists, Phaenonites and a few others, particularly ones directly tied to Calixis are FFG originals.

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Whats a good way to justify having a DH2e Sororitas in a squad of Only War guard characters?

I was thinking of the group being grabbed by an Inq for a secret mission. Or the regiment is deployed a world with a SoB convent\shrine, and the SoB character is helping the squad somehow save the shrine or whatever.

Also, is that a good idea? Having an SoB in an Only War squad?

I was all set to run Only War for my group but one of my players wants to bring his gf into the group - she doesn't seem to have an incredible amount of interest in 40k, and I just don't have the time to prep some completely different game to switch to instead. I was going to offer the choice to play an SoB if she finds that interesting, which I doubt, and honestly, I think I'm just fucked anyway...

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Chapter 2 of Battlefield

Two years later Sword-Brother Gravick of the Black Templars and Sister-Hospitaller Gloriana of the Sororitas meet again and renewtheir relationship.

Tags: Astartes, Sororitas, Fellatio, Anal, Forbidden

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A little something I wrote this week. Might become a series. Adeptus Soroitas Hospitaller finds an injured Black Templar on the field of battle...


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*smart enough to realize that

Also, what would the SoB gain from taking command? Surely The Emperor's Will will be served just as well, or even better, by the Guardsmen if she doesn't interrupt their work.

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You gingery return the pistol to your lap, feeling the cold metal through your pants - aside from the smalltalking soldiers no one else speaks, your group deciding to remain silent, your collective gaze held against the red-clad mans office. You don't react at first when the door suddenly opens, revealing Broski standing in the door - two of the red-clad men behind him, you catch a glimpse of a window and the sun outside from inside their office. "Otto Schulte" one of the intones as he approach you, a tall man with a serious look on his face. The other calls out towards the soldier in a language you don't understand, and they all jump to attention - before you can say anything they've already begun to move your prisoner out of the room. "Answer me when I speak to you" the man repeats and you are forced to return your gaze to him. "Y-yes" you stutter out, your fingers lingering over the bolt pistol instinctively.

"You've placed me in a interesting situation, normally summery execution would do for someone breaking rules - a good example amongst the first years too, you all die like flies either way." you feel your gut knot at his words while he continues speaking, his voice dry like a desert "Failure to comply to basic commands, your orders where to hold that fox hole - if this had been a military action you could have jeopardized an entire operation by your carelessness."

"Killing you would be the quickest and most expedient way to get rid of you - but, Lord-Commissar Arkilam seems to disagree - he wants you flogged, a waste of medical attention and syntskin if you ask me, but I will relent - thank the emperor as he have deemed fit you shall receive pain and be allowed to serve another day. You'll be summoned for your public flogging in the morning - now begone of my office, the lot of you."

>And with that Commissar Quest XVIIII comes to an end.

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So pure~

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Yeah, sorry. I'm just used to writing about the Inquisition.

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Obviously. I need more SoB pics

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You nod quickly - before managing a "Yes, that would be just what I needed - I'll work hard!" - this places soothed you in a way you could not quite explain, just being inside helped you a bit, clear your head.. away from the ground, and sky, and mud - and, well everything .. really. Coming here every now and then seemed like a perfect thing - and if you got to somehow appease the spirit of your slate, it would be even better. "My name is Mercutio Sermalian, you will come here the same time next week and I will have another task for you" he states - his voice cold and hard, but you see something in his human eye you can't quite place. You nod again and turn towards the door - the priest makes no attempt to stop you so you presume the conversation is over.

Your already looking forward to it as you step out into the dark and cold air outside - the stary sky gleaming overhead as you pounder your next action.


>Skip to next day (lecture)
>Skip to Practical (Two days. Give me a 1d100 for random encounter during off time)
>Head to dorms(Where?)
>Head somewhere else(Where?)


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The day the Hospitaller model has a hat and face like this is the day I buy more models.

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I like this solution: it allows the new PCs to catch up with the others, but also keeps the fun of seeing the character grow and improve gradually.

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Nope, you can only attempt an act of faith once per turn.

However, the regular SoB troops are something of an exception. Since their act of faith acts differently in each phase, you can attempt it once during each phase.

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1 named character for every single of the 6 main Orders.
Plastic rank and file Sisters.
Plastic Exorcist.
Apocalypse level vehicle.
Another flyer, hopefully a troop transport.
Multiple options for a Hostpitaller so it'll look like this pic.

Lots of bits.

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This one's not all that sexy. But it is a medicae!

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T-thanks anon

You turn around, and notice Angelina sitting a few tables away from you, her distinctive purple eyes giving her off among the crowd - in the slightly murky dining hall they seem to almost glow, silly as that might sound. You continue on your way through the crowds to sit down next to your previous companion, deciding that you might as well - above sitting next to another silly planet-born like nikkobar and his ilk, Angelina is at least decent, even if she's probably molding, somehow.. She looks up at you as you descend, she offers you a smile after swallowing what appears to be some of the brown-watery stuff that is like yours on her plate as well. You observer her, stunned for a moment before she breaks the deadlock with a "W-what, I got something on my face?" you shake your head from side to side, before stammering out. "I.. is it s-safe to eat? It looks broken..." "What do you mean broken? Its just stew, and some scrambled Ponch - its a bit bland I guess but not dangerous.. you've never had it before?

You shake your head.. but decide to follow up on your friends advise.. she's the most trustworthy planet-born you've meet, and you are awfully hungry.

You fish up your spork, the familiar feeling of it in your hand does help slightly with what is to come as you stick it into the most paste-looking part of the plate, the odd white-ish thing, it goes right through however - unlike where normal paste usually gives some resistance, as such when you fish it up you've got plenty of the brown stuff in there as well, noticing it slowly flowing over the edge and not wanting to mix the two more then you've done already you take a deep breaht and plunge it into your mouth.

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