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Overall, it’s an enjoyable book. I really did like seeing how Yarrick, the famous Old Man, handle his first leadership challenges. The political machinations and Chaos threat sound like the plot of a Dark Heresy campaign and are really interesting to anyone who wants to be a GM for that or other WH40k RPGs, and the inclusion of Sisters of Battle who do something is refreshing. Aside from the fairly generic battles, the book is a pretty good read. If you like commissars, and you like grimdark stories where success doesn’t mean much, this is the book for you.

Note: Pyres of Armageddon came out just last month, but I haven’t read it because my local bookstore just has three shelves of Horus Heresy in place of a Warhammer 40k section. It covers ground that we’ve seen before, just never through Yarrick’s eyes: The Second War for Armageddon.

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Don't EVER mention that heretical game, got it?

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You've been chosen to write a 40k movie. What is it about, and more importantly, who do you cast?

Personally, I want to see Adam Baldwin as either a Rogue Trader or a "Fuck the rules" type Inquisitor.

Also, Nicolas Cage as a Space Marine.

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Call the arbites immediately if you see someone worshiping the ruinous powers?

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Bump for confirmed awesome

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I love me some Green Marine.
Someone was trying to get him to do one of me the other day... that was odd. Thought it wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

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Go on. Ask for more. Make my day, heretic.

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>this thread

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And that's how we do things on my watch

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Thats were heresy gets you.
There will be no more filth on my watch.

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Oh no, you bloody don't. Not on my watch!

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Fuck you, you pointy-eared ass bandits. You know why I think you have those helms? To make it feel better when you have your fucking jackass heads shoved up your gaping, shit-spewing assholes 24/7. Maybe if you chocolate mining losers stopped bungling the monkey for five minutes at a god damned time you'd be worth shit. Now get off my lawn.

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Does this face look heretical to you?

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I'll make things easier on you lot.

One is the path of righteousness

The other is the path of damnation

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I agree, shoot em all and let the EMPRA sort 'em out.

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Good man, good man.

Dancing is for terran marines and heretics.

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