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>like avatar roleplay with OC images they make for each and every new post
That's how we got the Cletus (I think that was the name) and Silent SOB stories. Those ones were sweet.

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any one play nurgle worshipers in the table top? what kind of personality? any female nurgle worshipers?

we are moving from a rogue trader game slowly into heresy and black crusade. Im a female psyker who's falling to nurgle, my eventual concept is a crazy woman who sees the "blessings" of nurgle as true beauty, and the more of his blessings she receives the more beautiful she is. In this way by spreading his blessings, she brings beauty and life to the galaxy, which ever way she can, even if it's one man at a time.

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I disagree and as these are both opinions neither can be a right or wrong.

Smashed through the fuckin earth.

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MMO's do not have a storyline. They have a series of go-kill X monster" quests with a bit of flavor text attached.

Moreover, because you're playing with other people, all of whom are somehow obligated to act like dumbasses (especially on RP servers) immersion is impossible.

MMO's are work disguised as games. They aren't fun. They have no story. They're just a series of animal killing quests designed to suck away your free time and money in search of a slightly stronger +1STR weapon that can let you kill more animals.

Fuck you, fuck all MMO fans, and fuck anyone who defends you. I'd say you deserve to be shot, but I can't imagine a worse punishment than actually playing an MMO. And you do it willingly, you sick masochist. A Pox on all MMO players.

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what are some fun tabletop rpg games for small groups? say...2-3? or good campaign ideas for one or 2 PCs, that would be nice.

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having a hissy fit.

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papa nurgle loves you

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